Cheap Watch


I took this picture of the watch in attempt to approximate the look of a monochrome photo without manipulating the color.  I’m not sure it qualifies as monochrome, but it is better than the picture I almost sent to Leanne Cole for her Monochrome Madness challenge. It is funny because this is the first I took. I had thought to send my seventh shot, but thought about it for three days before deciding. I never showed this picture to Cindy. She liked the other one.


The true feeling of helplessness occurs when you have to sneeze and cough at the same time.


 Here is another sign of my aging. I get no real satisfaction binge watching  a TV series. I can seldom watch more than two or three episodes at a sitting. Cindy can watch all day. In fact, I’ve tried to rein her in each time we bought a new season of Dexter. If I get a D VD set for a series that I know Cindy would have no interest in, such as Battlestar Gallactica, I watch one episode per week (like it was being broadcast) and I’m perfectly satisfied. I guess I’m just a media stick-in-the-mud.


I don’t have anything else to say today. Sorry for the shortness of the post.

3 thoughts on “Cheap Watch

  1. I love that watch. Is there a history to it? Adam and I are completely different to each other. I have gone years without watching TV shows and then on my days off, I can binge watch them if they catch my attention. However, Adam has to be up to date with every show. Sometimes he watches the same episode 4, 5 times! Yikes!

  2. I’m afraid the only history that the watch has is less than a year old. I like pocket watches but I’m always breaking off the the swivel part that attaches the watch to the chain. The watches are so cheap that jewelers have told me it is less expensive to buy a new watch than to get a replacement part. I once considered buying a watch that cost $300,00, but I only considered it. I’m basically cheap.

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