Classical Gasbag – The Lost Posts 2

Silo and Barn
Silo and Barn

In case you’re wondering about those two things that seem to be poking out of the roof of the barn, they are not lightning rods. They are two of the blades from a wind farm’s windmill that is in a cornfield well behind the barn. The color version of this picture also turned out quite nicely.


It is time to clear out more partial posts from my draft files. It is possible that some of them could have been melded into one larger post, but I didn’t want to take the time. (I can hear you thinking, “Isn’t that what you’re doing now?” Yep, but I don’t have to worry about sweet transitions from one topic to the next.) 

First, there is the minimal irritant I often feel when watching TV with Cindy. We watch a lot of prime time soap operas dramas that have continuing story lines. Often the show will begin with a series of short clips from previous shows while one of the cast intones, “Previously on…” At that point Cindy will often look up from her iPad, see the clips, and say, “I’ve seen that, is this a rerun?” No, dear. It isn’t.

Another Cindy/TV/movies topic is the facility with which Cindy suspends her disbelief. She becomes so enraptured with the story’s plot, that she starts believing that they are real people performing real actions. She may actually believe that she is in the room with them, because she often talks to them. She has been known to shout when something unexpected happens, such as a car crash. She also does that in the movie theater, and that can cause embarrassment to those who attend with her. When watching a comedy she will say to me, “He/she’s funny isn’t he/she?” I respond, “The writer was good.”

And yet, I love her.

Finally, let me throw out some post titles that I never got around to using. Feel free to use any of them, as long as you tell me that you have.

What doesn’t make us laugh kills us.

Here in the hinterlands.

The good old days aren’t coming back.

And finally: Nothing goes unchanged