Day 2

I spent a couple of hours this morning watching Morning Joe, a guilty political pleasure, today and once again wondered when we had turned over running the country to business people. In earlier days I would have said the merchant class, but merchants aren’t the problem, it’s the mega-businesses. I believe a locally owned business realizes that the good of their employees is as important as making a profit. Mega-businesses worry about the bottom line, making money for the investors. Politicians cater to the wants of the mega-businesses because that’s where most of their campaign donations are garnered. We are told, ad nauseam, by politicians that if something isn’t good for business it must be bad for people at large. We are told that businesses need special treatment because the economy will collapse if we don’t. What kind of economy depends on corporate welfare. We want people to be self-sufficient, but not businesses?
 Did I post yesterday that I wouldn’t be writing about politics? I guess I had loftier goals yesterday. I’ve slept (quite well, thank you) since then.
A view of our living room (music room) from my favorite chair in the room.

I’ll be sitting in this chair in a bit, calming down from the mental fulminations (too strong a word?) I just put myself through. Ah well, some cool jazz will bring a smile to my face.

Day 1

I’ve tried blogging before, but have never been able to keep my interest up long enough to go more than a day or two. I have hopes this will be a keeper. Today my plans are to upload a photo, with luck a new one, each day, and to either comment on the photo, or to write about something I’m reading or listening to. I may even comment on a movie or TV show. I’m leaving that open. For now, I’ll try to avoid comments about politics, leaving that to my Tweets and perhaps Facebook entries.

Now I just need to figure out how to upload a picture.

Glancing to the right from near the end of our driveway.

  Hey! It worked. Now I’m rolling.

I’m not sure why, but when I started looking at the website and saw that she was doing a blog with a site titled “Laurie’s 366 Daily Moments,”  I felt compelled to start blogging, for better or for worse. I’m impressed not only by her photography, but also that she is doing this while fighting cancer. She must be a strong woman.