Journeys Part 1

Farmer's Market
Farmer’s Market

Here is a shot of the Farmer’s Market in Lafayette. They have it twice a week. I took this just as they were opening one Saturday. It was a bad time for me because they had hot food for sale and I was hungry. Unfortunately the most tempting food was of the type that diabetics shouldn’t be eating, so I took a pass on it.


I know that in the past I’ve mentioned that for me the journey is at least as important as the destination. Normally, when I think about that concept it is in conjunction with a concrete journey from one physical place to another. That’s one reason I love taking road trips. There is so much to see between here and there, and I want to see as much as possible.

Some people don’t understand why I prefer to drive to Las Vegas on our annual trip to visit family. Why spend a week driving out there when you can fly in just a few hours?  Well, suppose I decided that I wanted to stop at Boys Town, Nebraska to see the world’s largest ball of postage stamps? (note to Cindy, let’s add this to our stop-and-see list.) Do you think the pilot would make a detour to let me stop there? Would you, as another passenger on the plane, want to spend more time cramped on the airplane while I perused this philatelic novelty? I think not.

Journeys are individual, even when travelling with other people. Cindy and I can go to the Purdue campus together, see the same things, and yet have different experiences. For Cindy that campus is full of memories of younger days. For me, it is a somewhat sterile environment that makes me reflect on how much nicer the IU campus is.

Hmmm. I seem to have strayed from the physical journey to a mental journey. That should be a subject for another post in the future. I’ll start thinking about that.

Geoff Muldaur

Wall art #14
Wall art #14

I went back to pictures I took last month for today’s picture. I didn’t want it to languish in photo limbo while I used more recent pictures. It didn’t seem fair,and I like wall art. Left click on the image if you want a better view.


I have been having trouble coming up with ideas for posts recently, so I decided that I should take a look at the Draft posts that I have stored in WordPress. There are three, and this is the one that has been hanging around the longest. I started writing this a little over two years ago. I didn’t get far. All I had was a YouTube link that no longer goes anywhere, and a joke that doesn’t make any sense when I look at it now. I’ll spare you the joke. Here is a link (that works) to the song.

The song above was from the first Geoff Muldaur album that I bought, “Geoff Muldaur Is Having A Wonderful Time,” back in the late 1970’s. The album was vinyl and I found it in a cut-out bin (that means that it was on sale) in a Karma Record store. I was living and working in Auburn, Indiana when I bought it.

Another song, actually a medley, from that album is I Want To Be A Sailor/Why Should I Love You:

I’ve shared that song with people over the years. Some get it; some don’t. I hope you get it. For that matter, I hope the link works.

After I bought that first album I did a little research and found that Muldaur had been married to Maria Muldaur. The truth be told, I was already a Maria Muldaur fan and bought this album because they had the same last name. I discovered that they met when they were both playing in Jim Kweskin’s Jug Band. Raise your hand if you recognize any of those names.

Here is a song from the album, “Geoff Muldaur & Amos Garrett”: This is an example of why Richard Thompson’s said of Muldaur, “There are only three white blues singers, and Geoff Muldaur is at least two of them.”

I admit that Muldaur is not everybody’s cup of tea, but he is a great cup of Earl Grey for me.

5-5-1 and growing>

After an initial 2-2-1 (two people, two places, one time) and two subsequent 3-3-1 (three people, etc.) we are once again expanding. The original concept was that all of the participants would take a picture simultaneously; then write a short piece about the picture. It worked. But with the addition of more people, in more time zones, it became apparent that either some people would be taking pictures in the very early morning, or the very late night. We didn’t want that. So this time around we decided that we would all take a picture on Saturday May 28th at 10:30 a.m. local time. What follows is the result. We’re starting with The Girl Next Door in Bangalore, India.


This is the view that I get to see from the terrace of our apartment – houses, houses, houses and more houses is all that meets the eye, as far as you can see. I can’t help but wonder if there were as few trees around here as there are now, or did they go on reducing in number as more and more houses went on being constructed. From this vantage point, the pace of urban development is rather shocking – I’m sure no one can look at this view without gasping at least a teeny-weeny bit. I wonder if one day, buildings and concrete is all we will see anywhere we go, the birds and animals and trees being pushed out of their spaces little by little, and then some more, and then some more, and then some more… Where are we heading to, really?

From India we move to Thailand with this picture and background information from Anju at This Labyrinth I Roam.

5aWhen you’re dating a teacher and all your days start at 5ish am, 10:30am on a Saturday is a magical time when the room is just the right temperature and your bed has wrapped itself around you. Fortunate for me, unfortunate for the 2-2-1. I happened to be at work this Saturday, which I would say was a great stroke of luck. I was all poised to take a stunning photo of the downtown Bangkok skyline but I happened to be elbow deep in glue making toys for kids of Burmese construction workers. The migrant workers come to Thailand for a better lifestyle but can’t afford to send their kids to school. As a solution, UNICEF in collaboration with the property developer came up with an idea called The Good Space where the kids have access to a safe environment to learn and play and pick up skills that would prepare them for proper schooling. While quite amateurish, and you can see my art and craft skills leave much to be desired, I had a great time making these toys that I know will go a long way in making a difference.
And now, from California is Princess Butter from A Splash of My Life.

DSC_8869bI was at Laguna Beach in the morning to get a shot of what represented Southern California living, the Pacific Ocean! But it was so cloudy and dreary. Then, I spotted these guys representing what I think is another aspect of life here that I love.. And I knew I had my picture.

One thing that I find very striking about California and USA in general is the love for sports, fitness and outdoor activities. If I go to the park early in the morning on weekends, I will easily catch people getting together to play basketball, soccer, and even cricket! People will gather even on weekday evenings to play. These people are inspirational. It is easy to say that I don’t have time to do these things and not feel too guilty. But I see complete professionals taking some time out of their busy schedules to exercise their bodies, minds and have fun in groups or with families. This spirit has rubbed onto me as well and I have become one of those people who will look forward to working out in the evenings, and going on walks or swims with friends. I even play in a softball league on Wednesday evenings. The thrill of a win, the high of a happy hour, the playful ribbing for a bad pitching, the excitement of a hustle to the next base, knowing that I have burned some calories and deepened some friendships. I am lovin’ it.

Next we move up the coast in California where Jan of Jan’s Doodles offers this picture and text.

IMG-20160529-WA0004I was in California for the Memorial Day Weekend. This picture was taken in Los Altos where I brunched that morning. She is called the “Guardian” of Los Altos. The artist is Karen Cauvin Eustis . She was supposed to be installed as the Guardian of the coastline in Mississippi on the day hurricane Katrina hit (which was ironic). And so she was shifted to Los Altos as a Guardian of Hope.
I have been there a few times and every time I look at the statue it intrigues me.  She has wings and is beautiful, yet she looks sad and lonely. Makes you wonder about life and some philosophies.

Tip: If you are ever in the Bay area do visit Los Altos and maybe brunch. It has some great spots and is a beautiful place to just walk around.

And finally, there is me.

hospital b

This slightly blurred picture is of the place I had spent three days. It isn’t a sharper image because I almost forgot to take the picture. Thank goodness for alarms on smart phones. I was waiting for the nurse to finish the discharge papers when the alarm went off, so I whipped out my phone and took a hasty picture…thus the blur.

Why was I there? The short story is that I developed a nasty infection in my foot and my podiatrist sent me to the hospital to get hasty treatment with IV antibiotics. I expect that I may put together a longer post about that experience in the future.

That’s it this time around. Thanks to all who took part in this post! I hope you enjoyed contributing as much as I enjoyed looking at your pictures and reading your words. If anybody else wants to join in next time, please leave a comment and we’ll add you to our contributor list and contact you about our next get together.