Today it’s the picture


Dystopian Blues
Dystopian Blues

This may be the first time that I’ve made the photo the central theme of a post. I usually have another topic or three that I write about, and then the photo is either just an afterthought, or it has something to do with the words.

When I started blogging, the photo each day was often an afterthought, because the words were more important to me. When I go back and look at some of my posts, it is often, “Nice picture, blah, blah blah.” Of course there are also those posts that are, “Ugly picture, nice words.”

You may recognize this photo; I used it last October, but without the blue colorization. I used a black and white version back then. This time I decided to add color and give it a cutesy name. Why? Read on.

I know that I’ve mentioned in a past post that I follow the blogs of a few photographers. I do that because a) I admire the pictures that they post, and b) they write more about the places they photograph than the techniques that they use. I appreciate that because most technical jargon goes over my head and is lost in the stratosphere. One of the photographers I follow is LeAnne Cole, a photographer in Australia. You can see her work at  I made the changes because I plan to send the picture to LeAnne in hopes that she will add it to the gallery called Monochrome Madness that she posts every Wednesday. I’m not holding my breath, but today I’m willing to take a chance.

The other reason I colorized the photo is because I think it shows off the contrasts better. The cutesy name is to show that words are still important to me. I want to make the statement that the pictures I take of abandoned structures and of rubble are my record of lost beauty and utility. My. Isn’t that grand? Really, I hope you like the picture.