Journeys Part 1

Farmer's Market
Farmer’s Market

Here is a shot of the Farmer’s Market in Lafayette. They have it twice a week. I took this just as they were opening one Saturday. It was a bad time for me because they had hot food for sale and I was hungry. Unfortunately the most tempting food was of the type that diabetics shouldn’t be eating, so I took a pass on it.


I know that in the past I’ve mentioned that for me the journey is at least as important as the destination. Normally, when I think about that concept it is in conjunction with a concrete journey from one physical place to another. That’s one reason I love taking road trips. There is so much to see between here and there, and I want to see as much as possible.

Some people don’t understand why I prefer to drive to Las Vegas on our annual trip to visit family. Why spend a week driving out there when you can fly in just a few hours?  Well, suppose I decided that I wanted to stop at Boys Town, Nebraska to see the world’s largest ball of postage stamps? (note to Cindy, let’s add this to our stop-and-see list.) Do you think the pilot would make a detour to let me stop there? Would you, as another passenger on the plane, want to spend more time cramped on the airplane while I perused this philatelic novelty? I think not.

Journeys are individual, even when travelling with other people. Cindy and I can go to the Purdue campus together, see the same things, and yet have different experiences. For Cindy that campus is full of memories of younger days. For me, it is a somewhat sterile environment that makes me reflect on how much nicer the IU campus is.

Hmmm. I seem to have strayed from the physical journey to a mental journey. That should be a subject for another post in the future. I’ll start thinking about that.

Day 197

A pretty house on a pleasant street

I feel lucky to have gotten a picture of this house, because one of the neighbors was giving me the evil eye when I stopped to take the picture. Should I be asking the owners if I may immortalize their homes?


I seldom mention clothes in my posts, but today I’m wearing a short-sleeved, striped, buttoned down shirt. I call it my Kingston Trio shirt. I have owned it for many years, and have enjoyed wearing it for all of the years. However, I have slimmed down in the pat few years, and the shirt is really too big for me now. I don’t usually have trouble giving away clothes that no longer fit, but this shirt…I believe I’ll keep it for at least another cycle of winnowing out the no-longer-needed clothes in my closet…at least until I can find another Kingston Trio shirt.


Watching the Olympics was not high on my agenda. I’ve lost interest in the games ever since the U.S. decided it was alright to send pro athletes, especially basketball players, to compete. I know that other countries had been sending professionals to what was termed amateur competition for quite a while, but that didn’t make it right. If my memory serves me right, the U.S. decided it would be alright to send professionals because our basketball team, all amateurs, were beaten by a Russian team. We couldn’t By God let that happen again! When did amateur athletics become so important? Anyway, that’s when I lost interest.


I know we need more rain, a lot more rain, to make up for the drought we have been going through. It’s too late to save much of the farmer’s crop this year. But I must say that it took very little rain to make my grass turn green and start to grow again. I might even say that for my lawn, we have had a surfeit of rain. I’ll have to cut the grass this week.I’m holding off for nearer the end of the week so that it won’t be too tall when we get back from Las Vegas.

I’ll also be doing my laundry and I’ll start packing this week. Vegas is calling, and we will be answering the call.

Day 120

What’s missing in this picture?

It is a quiet, peaceful Monday (Memorial Day celebrated) morning and something seems to be missing in this graveyard. Either there are no veterans buried here, or American flags are not used to decorate veteran graves. I thought it was odd. When I was young, the kids who went to the Methodist church, and those who attended the Christian church joined together on Memorial Day Sunday and walked to the Rolling Prairie graveyard and decorated the veteran’s graves with American flags. I don’t know if the kids still do that in Rolling Prairie, but if they don’t I’m sure the local VFW post sees to it. What is going on, or not going on, in this graveyard I went past this morning? I may visit some more graveyards in the next few days to see if the veteran’s graves have been decorated.

When I went out this morning the sun was shining, it was warm and humid, and there was a slight haze in the air. All of this screamed one thing in my mental ear, “ROAD TRIP!” But that isn’t going to happen. Cindy and I haven’t been on a real road trip vacation in years, and it is unlikely that we will in future years. My version of a road trip vacation means driving on roads that aren’t Interstates, waking up somewhere different every morning, visiting little museums and such as the whim hits us, and not visiting people. Cindy prefers to vacation by flying or driving as fast as possible to one place and then stay there, preferably spending time with friends and relatives when we get to our destination.

We were raised differently and enjoy different modes of travel and types of vacations. She isn’t wrong, but neither am I. She relaxes when surrounded by people she knows, and I relax when I’m not. Still, we have stayed together twenty-two years, so something is obviously right.

Day 96

Implement of destruction

After talking and writing about it most of the week, I got around to cutting the grass. No, no applause please. A somewhat muffled huzzah or two would be appreciated. If it had rained…well there are other projects I could have tackled. Maybe I will tomorrow, even though it is the weekend. Dr. Moon tried out the idea on me that weekends are just like other days of the week when you are retired. He is wrong, and I told him so. Weekends are when I normally see a little more of Cindy during the day.


I took a break from writing so as to fulfill Cindy’s wish and book our flight to Las Vegas. We’ll be going in August so we can enjoy the dry heat. It will probably be around 200° in the shade, if there is any shade. There won’t be. The casinos are air-conditioned, but since I don’t gamble that is small solace. I’ll be packing my Kindle, lots of books and my MP3 player will be filled with music. The only thing I won’t have is my desktop PC. I’m pretty sure I can get by without it for a week. In a pinch I can use one at the resort, but I don’t plan on using it longer than it takes to enter my daily post here, with or without photos. If I don’t post a picture each day, I’ll at least take one each day to add as an update when we return.

If it weren’t for the crowds I would probably enjoy Las Vegas more than I do. The heat doesn’t bother me as I stroll the strip, but the crowds of people do. Maybe it won’t be so bad since we are going in the hottest time of the year. A guy can hope.