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It’s autumn, and I haven’t taken any pictures yet. I haven’t done much of anything recently. By recently I mean the past few months. Oh, I’ve cut the grass and done a few other odds and ends, but nothing that makes me feel that I’ve accomplished anything. So today I’m trying to complete a post.

Today’s post is about a few mundane things that bother me. The first is a cause of wonderment to me. I call it Picture and Strings.

Picture and Strings

Cindy and i like to watch murder mysteries one TV and DVDs. One thing that I find incomprehensible is the use of walls to post pictures, news clippings, post it notes, etc. concerning the crime, and using string or colored yarn to connect things.

I don’t get it.It just looks like a hodgepodge to me. How does it help anyone?

I would understand if they set up a spreadsheet with the names of people and places on the X axis, and a timeline on the Y axis. That makes sense to me, but pictures and strings? Perhaps a person who responds to visual stimuli would find it helpful, but not me.

Toddlers at the BMV

I went to the local Bureau of Motor Vehicles office a couple of months ago. It was time to renew my driver’s license. I pulled a number and sat down to wait my turn. Behind me sat a young woman who had brought three young children, all between the ages of two and five. They were a rambunctious lot. There was a lot of use of outside voices and scurrying about.

Imagine my surprise when the woman’s number was called and I saw that she was there to take a written test. She left her young charges behind when she went to take the exam. The outside voices turned into squeals and the scurrying turned into outright running.

I was about to stand up and become the hard-nosed authority figure when my number was called. Well, thought I, let someone else be take charge of the situation while I renewed my license. I suppose I shirked my civic duty. I feel bad about that. But I did get my license renewed and was out of there in record time.

10 thoughts on “Little things

  1. I have no thoughts on toddlers at the BMV, other than to feel sorry for the mom and everyone else in the vicinity.
    The pictures and strings make perfect sense to me, though. It’s a rudimentary mind map, particularly useful for those of us who are visual processors. I suppose in the genre of crime TV it’s become a visual cue of the complexity that the investigator is puzzling through so there is more shock and awe at the otherwise predictable outcome of each episode. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I feel sorry for the mother only if she can’t find someone to watch the kids while she has to run the errand. Otherwise it is a commentary on her (lack of) parenting skills.

      I’m obviously not visually enough oriented, because the pictures and such just look like a mess to me. I’m glad they make sense to you.

  2. I noticed that in the recent murder mystery series/movies I watched, they use white boards/glass boards and markers to connect those notes or pictures now. I guess they do that for the audience but more importantly for the cops & detectives involved in the investigation so they can easily go about their progress or share the information they gathered. Just my two cents. ๐Ÿ™‚

    On the toddlers at the BMV, I would’ve have the same reaction as you. Every time I encounter noisy/naughty kids in public places, I easily get annoyed. Makes me want to go there and tell them to cut it out and behave, but strangers can’t do that. I think I would appear creepy or obnoxious so I just accept that I can’t do anything about them and just leave the place. Hahaha

    1. Two cents are always gratefully accepted. I understand what the detectives are doing, but it just doesn’t work for me.

      Noisy kids are the bane of those of us who enjoy a quiet meal in a restaurant. I get more upset with the parents than the kids.

      1. I’m with you there. Whenever I’m becoming annoyed with the kids, I want to scold the parents more than the kids. My mind goes through a judgmental phase whenever this happens but of course I do my best to avoid it. I don’t know how to discipline kids or the struggles that goes with it. I actually know nothing about actual parenting but my nieces are well-behaved so there’s that. Some people just want to eat, or read, or wait for their turn in peace.

        Anyway, glad to read another post from you! I really learn a lot from your stories (not only learning new words but also in day-to-day life). ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I think the Indiana BMV has their shit together. It used to be and all day event and I’ve been in and out of there in his short a time as I have an hour. Glad to see you Posted again because I love reading what you wrote

    1. Thanks Bob. I agree about the BMV. Although it might not be a bad idea for each office to have a sound proof daycare room.

      Also, thanks for continuing to read. I haven’t written much in the past year. I have a couple of theories as to my lack of inspiration. Maybe I can work my way back into the groove.

  4. My DMV experiences have been…… interesting, to put it mildly. I have blogged about it!
    Noisy kids are definitely annoying. Once they are past the baby stage where they cry and feed all the time, there is no sympathy anymore from my side. We arenโ€™t in public to deal with rambunctious kids who need a good lesson on discipline and respect. All we want is a nice peaceful dinner.

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