I’ve been thinking

Quality Control takes a vacation

I opened a pack of ankle length socks a few days ago. I don’t wear them often. Normally I wear them when I’m doing yard work, or if I’m on vacation and wearing shorts. So I was somewhat surprised when I found this pair upon opening the pack. At first I wondered if Cindy had bought them for me, and had purposely looked for unequal lengths because of the toe that had been amputated some years ago. I looked at the package, and, no, they were supposed to be the same length. If I wear them, it will be in the back yard, behind the fence.


As I’ve written previously, I just can’t get enthused about writing. I had hoped that it would pass, but it hasn’t. The only thing that gets me fired up to put things on paper, or in Classical Gasbag, is the situation in this country. I don’t want to do that.

When I consider what is happening in the U.S. I get depressed and I get angry. Those are not emotions that I want to exhibit. I talk to Cindy and one or two close friends about current events, but I want to limit it to that. And so, I remain silent.

Perhaps I should change the direction of this blog since my standby options no longer bring forth words. I’ve changed before, though on a gradual basis. But I don’t know where to turn focus. I would appreciate any ideas. I’ll give them strong consideration.

6 thoughts on “I’ve been thinking

    1. Princess, 3 years ago I would have thought your comment about deportation was you joking. Now, sadly, it seems that those days might come in the future. I’m sorry that you feel that sadness. Thanks for commenting.

  1. Those socks look like ankle socks for an NBA player with a size 19 shoe. Maybe you should just dust with them? And there will always be political problems to bring us down. But small things (a dog handing me its paw to shake, a pint of ale, a fizzy Coke, a nice breeze, another Bobby Flay show) can balance it out. 😉

    1. OK. Go ahead an try to cheer me up. All of those things sound great, except I stopped drinking alcohol over a decade ago (I enjoyed drinking too much) and I don’the drink Coke since being diagnosed with diabetes. The other 3 things are cheery, so i’ll give it to you that I shouldn’t stay depressed.

      1. Hmmm. Well, I hope you’re not eating kale. That could make things worse. I drink La Croix at home to try to keep the Coke that I love at bay bc I don’t want high sugar. Have you ever had that? I hate sparkling water, but at least you can choose the flavor, and there’s no sugar.

      2. I don’t go out of my way to eat kale, but it occasionally turns up in salads in restaurants. I sometimes drink flavored water. Mostly, however, I stick with tap water. I have simple tastes.

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