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It is difficult to give much thought to a topic these days and still be somewhat current. I’m the type of person who needs time. I’ve found that if I rush to take a definitive stand on an issue, it is usually haphazardly thought out and subject to being critically picked apart…often by myself.

I decided a short time ago that I would write something about the recent and overdue upheaval in our country over the issues of sexual predation and monetary inequity visited upon women. I was floundering to find a rock upon which to build my case, when it was presented to me by a pundit, Princeton professor Eddie Glaude Jr., on one of my favored political TV shows.

Roy Moore

But then I got sidetracked and have spent too much time being enraptured by the consideration of things such as political elections in other states; the mental stability…

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6 thoughts on “Never too old

  1. We are living in weird times for sure. Even the #MeToo movement is confusing me. I want to go for the women’s march in san diego, but I saw how some ladies reacted to a guy asking questions and i feel pissed off.

    1. I wish things were as black and white as some people make this issue to be. It isn’t. In fact, I feel like it is a conglomeration of many issues. I have conflicted feelings about different aspects.

      If you can add clarity for me, I would be very greatful.

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