Vacation 2017 – Part 10

Still in Oregon

We started the day still in Oregon. We drove to a nearby town to find coffee-to-go. It was a small town, and coffee seemed to be scarce. Finally I spotted a convenience store and told Cindy, who was driving, to stop there. She didn’t believe me at first because there were no gas pumps in front of the place. But she did stop and we went in for coffee. Luckily, I was right about coffee being available in the place.

It was a small store and while Cindy was busy choosing the type of coffee she wanted and went about adding the proper amounts of creamer and sweetener, I wandered around the place. There was a glass case with three shelves of hand blown glass objects. I started looking at some of the items on the top shelf, thinking that perhaps I would find something as a souvenir for Macey, our oldest granddaughter. I wasn’t sure what the items were supposed to represent, but they were pretty. I looked at the shelf below and realized that it was full of hand blown glass bongs. Oh. I took a closer look back at the top shelf and realized that thy were all hand blown glass pipes. Oh! Nope. I wouldn’t be buying any of those products for Macey.

Poor spelling

We got back on the road, still heading south and east. Later that morning we decided to stop in Vale, Oregon and get some late breakfast. I didn’t notice the spelling on the sign until we were out of the car and walking into the restaurant. The spelling was funny, but the food was excellent! From there we drove a few miles and entered Idaho.

I took this picture while passing through a very small town.

From the passenger seat

This lonely cow was the only one visible from where we stopped to stretch our legs and clean off the windshield of the car.

One is the loneliest number

Soon we were on Interstate I-84 and our driving became a matter of going as far and as fast as we could, because we had a lot of miles and time to make up. We drove to Boise, Idaho and then south to Ogden, Utah where we stopped for the night. We had driven in and out of heavy traffic, heavy winds, some rain, and a minor dust storm. It was a good day.


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