Vacation 2017 – Part 8

The day after our excursion, I stayed behind and let Cindy go out with the others. I wasn’t in the mood to drive hither and yon on somebody’s whim. I had my own whims, and on top of that list was sitting around and reading all day. Or at least as much as I could. East of Eden by John Steinbeck was my choice. It was a good choice. I didn’t even break out my camera to take pictures. That’s why there is no picture at the top of this post.

When Cindy came back from the sightseeing and shopping she started preparing a dinner for everybody. It was a good meal that got great reviews. Michelle and Lee also gave me wonderful birthday presents.

Hot Dog!

The highlight of the next day was the birthday party for Wyatt. He turned four that day. There were no children there, just adults. It was held on the beach where a fire could be built to roast hot dogs and make smores. The party started in the late afternoon. By the time rolled around for Wyatt to open his presents, we had to break out flashlights to add to the light from the fire. When he had finished with his presents Cindy and I decided to skip the smores and drive back to our unit.

On the way back to the access road we turned too soon and ended up stuck in the sand. I walked back to the fire to get help, and then hiked back. We were deep in the sand, and I was preparing to call AAA, though I’m not sure I could get cell phone reception, when a couple of good Samaritans with a tow rope pulled up in a pickup truck. In very little time they had us free of the sand and on our way.

The three amigos

The next day, our last in Gearhart, was fairly uneventful, though Michelle was sick. Michelle’s family came to say goodbye before leaving. Lee and Wyatt came back to our unit for a while to let Michelle rest. Later we went to their unit for dinner. And then we packed for our trip back east.