From the Back of the Bus

I bought this book when I was I high school, or maybe when I was in college. I don’t really remember. In the 1960’s Dick Gregory was helping people with a liberal social conscience laugh, and was upsetting those who didn’t. I remember watching him on TV and laughing at his jokes. I couldn’t understand why people wouldn’t change their minds about racial injustice after listening to him. I’m older now. He was strong in the civil rights movement. He was strong in the anti-war movement. He never stopped talking about injustice in the world. He died the same weekend as Jerry Lewis, who was also a fine comedian.

I also remember watching Jerry Lewis and his partner Dean Martin on television when I was young. They brought me many laughs. But at some point I grew out of my love for the type of humor Jerry Lewis brought. I never outgrew my love for Dick Gregory’s humor.

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