Thought streaming

A graveyard

This another photo that I took last month when I was driving around Linden. I really need to go out and get some new shots. Perhaps I’ll do that this afternoon.


I started this post with one definite idea that I wanted to state. But my mind wandered and my thoughts started drifting. I think that there is something of a logical sequence, but I may be wrong. I leave it to you. Oh, and I hope I don’t offend anyone…too much.


I was reading a short story last night, and in it there was a reference to people out for an evening jog. This story was published in the 1990’s, and it occurred to me that running and jogging was more than a passing fad. I guess that until there is definite scientific proof that taking a nap is better for your health than strenuous activity, I shall forever be clucked at sympathetically by those who bow at the altar of physical fitness.

Save your sympathy. I don’t need it; neither do I want it. Another thing that I don’t want is spending money on special shoes and clothing. I’m old and often grumpy and cheap. I am not going to wear a spandex track suit or sweat pants. Sweat pants are probably the ugliest fashion statement perpetuated upon the public. Not even a supermodel or leading man actor can make them look good.

I don’t feel that I am overly vain, but I refuse to be seen in public or, even in the privacy of my home, wearing them. Plus, I think they are uncomfortable. “What?” you say. “You don’t think looking and being slovenly is comfortable?” Well, maybe slovenly is a bit of a stretch. I’ll narrow that to just looking slovenly. Does that satisfy you?

I suppose I have been a tad too nasty today.I am sorry. I’ll try to end on an upbeat thought. May the unicorn in your garden fertilize your tomato plants.

5 thoughts on “Thought streaming

  1. OMG I feel exactly the same. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being physically active – hiking, trekking, walking, biking. But they shove their fashion on to you; you need exactly the right brand of shoe and exactly the right kind of tracksuit. It’s de-motivated (is this a word) from signing up for cool classes I’d have otherwise enjoyed. I don’t think hating on it has anything to do with age though.

  2. I’m not sure I agree with you about age and curmudgeonly behavior (hatred seems so…final, so I choose to eschew that word from my active vocabulary). If anything, I am less vitriolic in my older age than when I was younger. Part of that is due to the fact that with maturity comes the ability to see more possibilities in life. But there are days when stuff comes out of my mouth and/or keyboarding fingers that show intolerance. Still, that is better than kicking the dog or beating my wife.

  3. Haha! Oh Norm! ❤️
    I am with you on being cheap. I just have decent Nike shoes because my feet have all sorts of issues and good shoes help. And good inner supportwear. My workout tee shirts are the free ones I have collected at school and during events and my shorts and leggings are all from heavy discounted stores and Target. 😁
    I am also a big Marshalls and Ross shopper. 😀

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