When Pins volunteered to host this go-round of N-N-1 I assumed that it wold look a lot like past incarnations. Boy was I wrong! She has brought her own vision to N-N-1 and I am impressed. I’m looking forward to the next installment. View, read and enjoy.

Vaayadi Pennu

Part laziness, part procrastination, part how do I make a shorter post, and then I decided why not divide the picture tale post into two and post it on different days/two-three posts.

Some of you may remember thepicture story posts I was hosting last month, ababy ofNorm… A group of us decided, and the rest volunteered and a few were bullied into taking pictures at 6pm their time on the last Saturday of February. Here’s the first set from Govind,Pixie,Akhila&Bikram.

You are free to cross post it, like, comment and share on your blogs and spread the happiness of 4 people at 4 different places clicking at an appointed time and writing a snippet about what they felt about their click.

PS. To read the stories in larger font, click on each picture. Enjoy. Thanks guys for participating ! 😘

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