Quite a dream

Barn behind the trees
Barn behind the trees

I went for a short ride in the country yesterday and found this barn. I felt that it deserved to be seen on this blog. It was a pretty day for mid-February.


The other day I mentioned in a post that I wanted to write about a dream that I had, but didn’t feel it would be proper. Last night I had one that was so bizarre that I need to write about it. Those of you who own books on dream interpretation might want to get them out to see what this s all about. Then you can share your findings with me because I am completely stumped.

Like most of the dreams that I remember, I jumped into it with no preamble. In my dream I had infiltrated an organization of assassins. I don’t know why I had done anything so risky, but it was a dream.

The organization of assassins was knocking off the top people in a media corporation that started out making cartoons. Their best known cartoon character was a rodent with a first name that rhymed with Dickie. Why were they killing these people? That’s a fair question.

It seems that the head of the organization that I had infiltrated had decided that the entire media corporation was run by pedophiles, and he wanted to do something about it. Why did he believe they were pedophiles? That is another fair question.

He believed that while watching one of their cartoons he had heard clues about it while listening to two cockroaches who were having an argument in the cartoon. Plausible, right? Are you confused? I was, and it was my dream.

I found myself in a banquet hall where one of the killings was about to take place, and I was running towards the assassin, trying to stop him. And then I woke up. What happened?

The dream had no satisfactory beginning, and certainly nothing you could call an ending. It was just a stupid dream. If you have any ideas about a possible meaning, feel free to share them in a comment. I would love to hear your thoughts.