Christmas gifts to warm the heart

Taking in the view
Taking in the view

This is a picture that I took on the day of the most recent N-N-1 back in October. But I took it earlier than the appointed time, so I couldn’t use it. Seconds before I took this picture, there were another four turtles on the rock, but they all slipped into the water before I could aim, zoom and take the picture. This stalwart stayed.


I love to receive gift cards for anyplace where I can buy books. What could be more fun than aimless wandering through a bookstore, picking up books, reading the flyleaves, and choosing an item or two for which somebody else is footing the bill. I know. I get a warm glow just thinking about it. It is almost as good as a nerdy high school student daydreaming about being seduced by the uapproachable cheerleader. It is exhilarating. But in the case of the gift card, dreams do come true; and it is less embarrassing is someone else finds out.

I’ll bet you have guessed one of the things that I got for Christmas. No. It wasn’t a cheerleader. I gave up on that daydream decades ago. It was gift cards. But Amazon and Barnes & Noble gift cards warmed my heart and sped up my pulse. I have been to the Amazon web site and have ordered books. And I have been to Barnes & Noble, searching the aisles for books to read for my reading challenge.

While in the B&N store I always start with the books that are on sale. I am always looking for a deal. I was looking through the books in a section where everything was marked down 50%. There between a book on cooking with beer and something Star Trek-ish, or perhaps Star Wars-ish, I noticed a book titled “iPhones Made Easy.”  That seemed like an interesting title. I picked up the book and flipped it open. It was around 250 pages in length. Really? Two hundred and fifty pages for the easy stuff? Can you imagine the size of the book that wasn’t easy? I’ll stick to my android, thank you.

I left the sale area, having found nothing that interested me, and went back to the fiction area. There was so much to choose from. There were so many authors whom I enjoy reading. But part of having a reading challenge is to force myself to read authors that I haven’t tried before. It usually works out that around 1/3 to 1/2 of the books I read each year are by new (to me) authors. So on this trip I wanted to pick something new. I chose a book, limiting myself to one so that I would have a balance left on the card, and came home.

I’ll be finishing that book when I finish this post. You’ll read about it when I post my first update three books from now. I hope that you come back to read it. Until then, let me know what you are reading, either through a comment or by using the form below which will remain confidential. I’m always looking for suggestions.