Late year updates

The road home #2
The road home #2

This picture is another that I took on the road from Rolling Prairie, where my mother was buried, to home in Lafayette. I was more interested in the clouds when I was taking the picture than the rest of the scene. As I look at it now, I realize that the entire picture reflects the sorrow that I was feeling. If the sun hadn’t been shining I might still be driving around on county roads.


I haven’t been as productive this year as I had planned. Here are a few updates on various things in my life.

First is the annual reading challenge that I set for myself. Update: I failed. Yes, I know the year hasn’t ended yet, but I still have three books to read, and I have no intention to read them. It isn’t that they are uninteresting books, but that I have read almost nothing in the past few months. Actually, I have read a total of one complete book since we left on vacation in September. I’ve started the three additional books I need to finish the challenge successfully, but there seems to be too many other things that need to be done that are more important. I hope to be more successful next year. By the way, the three types of books I have started but haven’t finished are 1) a book on a historic topic; 2) a book that I once started but gave up on (history repeats itself; and 3) a book written in the 1940’s. Perhaps I’ll finish one of them next year.

Next is the Thumper Challenge that I set for myself back in August. If you don’t remember the Thumper Challenge, it was to live up to the statement “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.” Update: I failed. My defensive excuse is the 2016 election in general. and the Presidential election specifically. I found myself losing patience as I watched the television coverage and saying disparaging things about most of the candidates and the talking heads who purported to be analyzing the campaigns. I think that the longest stretch I achieved was thirty-six hours. Perhaps I can be a better person next year.

This year I chose to not participate in the NaNoWriMo challenge because 1) Cindy asked me to not dedicate the month of November to writing. 2) I hadn’t finished last year’s novel, nor had I finished editing the previous year’s novel. 3) The aftermath of the flooding of our house has kept me too preoccupied to write (or to read…see my reading challenge update above). I haven’t decided what I’ll do next November. It will probably depend on if I get any great ideas.

In conclusion, the final third of 2016 has not been one that I would wish to relive. But trying to see the brighter side, the first two-thirds were pretty alright. 2017 will probably be a better year. There; I’m trying to be optimistic.

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