N-N-1 again

It has been about three months since the last N-N-1. Rather that let it fade in to a mere memory we’re doing it again. One of the things that I love about N-N-1 is how people from different parts of the world connect electronically to share brief moments of their life. We see differences and recognize similarities. To me, it shows once again that while there are billions of people in the world, humanity is a singular noun.

The first participant is Pins n Ashes.


I was at one of my favourite restaurants, lunching with friends enjoying one of my favourite meals. Poori masala as we call it.


Next is Her Royal Highness Princess Butter with a picture and story dear to hearts of many Princesses. Oh, and thanks to the Princess we now call this process N-N-1 rather than just sticking in numbers that change with the number of contributors. 


We wondered about them when they had accidentally ‘disappeared’ during the Halloween party. We were almost sure when we saw them bonding in the research lab. We had called them out during the Christmas Secret Santa party when they both went to the room ‘tired’. K5 and I had ended up as neighbors in my last year at SDSU and CT was there a lot! It all became superbly clear after he moved in. Chadillac Thrills thought he was being sneaky! Haah!  After 5 glorious years of friendship, love, game nights, Grad school, traveling, pizzas and boba tea, parties, camping, hiking, they are getting ready to spend their lives together, officially as a married couple. The anticipated engagement did not happen during their Europe trip, although there is an adorable picture under the Eiffel Tower tagged #didnotpropose. But it happened in true Chadillac style, calmly and sneaky-ly, where they started playing Sunday night games and there was the diamond in the Lego sets. I am glad to have witnessed the making of this amazing couple, right from the inception of their relationship. I am even happier that they consider me close enough to be a part of this beautiful journey. Last Saturday afternoon, at David’s Bridal, I helped K5 try on different shades of white, as she took on her role of a bride-to-be. There were tulle and organza, sweetheart necklines and mesh capes. There were pearls, lace and sequins. There were Zac Posens and Vera Wangs.

And, so it begins…

PS : Please pray that I can RSVP “Princess Butter + 1” for this August 2017 wedding…

From the happiness and dreams invoked by Princess Butter, Cupitonians turns us to the forces of nature and humans in a great metropolitan environment.  

Bangkok trafic
Bangkok traffic

While things are not as severe in the slightly posh area of Bangkok where I live, the country has been suffering from a triple whammy of massive thunderstorms, high tides, and a run off from the North causing some chaos in our day-to-day lives. The other day, we were stuck in street floods where the water came up to our waists. So if you were hoping to take a leisurely drive out of Bangkok into the suburbs or maybe to the scenic countryside, or that lovely turquoise beach you had been planning your once-in-a-lifetime holiday around, may the force be with you because the traffic in Bangkok sure as hell isn’t.

From the hectic city life of Bangkok, we turn to a placid Saturday afternoon in my life.

A quiet day in a city park
A quiet day in a city park

Trying to decide what I should capture in my picture was not easy. I mean I could have taken a picture of restoration work in our house. Or I could have driven down town to get a picture of our non-bustling city. Or I could even have gone into the country to get yet one more picture of a barn..I love barns. But instead I went to a nearby park to see what was happening. The answer was “not much.”There were a few men fishing, a few people walking, a few people talking on their phones (Do they never stop?). If you look very closely at the rock to the right of the fountain, near the bank, you may see a turtle sunning itself. Good luck.

8 thoughts on “N-N-1 again

  1. Reblogged this on A splash of my life… and commented:
    It was N-N-1 time again, and Norm was hosting it. He asked us to send in a picture that we clicked on Saturday, Oct 8th at 2 pm. By a fabulous stroke of luck, a wonderful story and picture fell into my lap! It’s a wonderful story of love, hopes, dreams, life and happiness. And the makings of a bridechilla.

  2. Thank you for hosting this! I am glad that I got to share my happiness as K5’s friend in this unique way. Lovely pictures everyone!
    The turtle reminds me of Koi Pond at SDSU. I would pick them up and plop them back into the water. 😜

    1. Thanks again for participating. I started my walk around the pond over by the turtle. Actually there were five turtles crowded on the rock when I passed by. In the time it took me to raise my camera, zoom in, and take the shot, four of them had slipped into the water.

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