To Las Vegas and back 2016 – Day 19

The kitchen we came home to
The kitchen we came home to

We started the day by having our last complimentary continental breakfast at our motel. We were in a rush to get on the road, so we got onto Interstate 44 and headed northeast. Cindy started out driving. We planned on her driving through St. Louis, and then I would take over for the rest of the way home.

As we drove through Missouri, we noted once again that there seems to be more billboards with signage selling knives and other cutlery than in other states that we have visited. You also see more signs for walnut bowls. I wonder what type of signs people find unique when they drive through Indiana.

Cindy became increasingly frustrated with all of the semi-trucks on the highway. As the day progressed and as we got closer to St. Louis, the number of trucks increased. In St. Louis we got onto Interstate 70 and crossed the Mississippi River into Illinois. We pulled into a rest area and I took over the driving.

Illinois was kind of a blur. We took I-70 to I-57 and headed in a more northerly direction, At Champagne, Illinois we caught I-74 east and drove it the rest of the way across Illinois, and into Indiana. We got off of I-74 in Crawfordsville, Indiana and took US 231 north to Lafayette. And then we were home.

The picture is of part of our kitchen. As you can see, the vinyl flooring has been removed so that we were walking on the underlayment. The green piece of equipment you see is an air scrubber. There was also a dehumidifier in the kitchen, as well as another set of equipment in another part of the ground floor, and another in the basement.

Our vacation was over, and we were back in the world of trying to get our house back into a livable mode. That journey continues.