To Las Vegas and back 2016 – Day 18

Pops in Arcadia
Pops in Arcadia

We left Shamrock, Texas early the next morning and returned to Interstate 40 heading east. Fifteen miles later we were back in Oklahoma, though further south when last we were in the state. From there we drove to Oklahoma City. And there we took Interstate 35 north, searching for an exit that would lead us to Arcadia, Oklahoma. Trina and JR had told us about Arcadia and suggested that we stop there to see the Round Barn, and to eat at Pops. We had originally thought to stop there on our way out to Las Vegas, but we got sidetracked north to see the Will Rogers Museum Memorial. So we decided to stop and see the sights of Arcadia on the way home.

Well, we missed our exit and drove many miles north of where we needed to be, so we stopped for gas, turned the car around, and headed south on I-35. I thought I saw our exit and got off of the Interstate only to find th road was closed for construction going in the direction we needed. So once more we got onto I-35 south. At the next exit we got off and headed east. This road also led to Arcadia, so some of my self-directed anger faded. The road we were on, in fact, was the road that lead us to Pops.

Cindy and I had both assumed that Pops was a roadside diner that had good, home-cooked food. We were not prepared for the restaurant that we found. In fact, we drove past it before we realized that we needed to turn around once again. Pops was actually a large metal and glass building with hundreds, probably thousands of bottles of soda pop glued to glass shelves in the main window. This picture is of a very large sign? lit statue? in front of the building. We were there in daylight, but pictures taken at night show the pop bottle to be colorfully lit after dark. This was the only picture I took this entire day.

We ate our lunch at Pops, and then got back onto the State highway, not the Interstate. We were now on historic Route 66. We drove to the Round Barn, but neither of us was inclined to stop. We have both see round barns in Indiana (there are more than 100 of them in Indiana), and were more inclined to move on. When I was young I heard it said that round barns were designed to keep the devil from getting you into  corner. I love that story, but I’m wondering why, if that is true, I have never seen a round farm house to go with the round barn. What types of devilish mischief was a farmer liable to get up to in a barn that he wouldn’t in the house. Hmmm.

But we drove on eastward on state highways all of the way to Tulsa, Oklahoma. In Tulsa we got onto Interstate 44 because home was still beckoning to us, and we drove to Springfield, Missouri to spend the night. We found a nice motel and a Ruby Tuesday restaurant a couple of doors down from it. They had a good salad bar. We went back to the room to get a good night’s rest before driving home the next day.

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