To Las Vegas and back 2016 – Days 9 through 14

Taken on a morning walk
Taken on a morning walk

As I said in my post about Day 8, I made no notes about our week in Las Vegas; and my memory of that week is jumbled (to say the least) and fuzzy. So I am doing just one short post about that entire week. I’m afraid that will have to suffice.

I did manage to get up each morning and go for a walk. Mornings before the heat became unbearable were the best part of the day as far as the weather was concerned. Spending time with friends and family, not talking about what was happening in our house was the truly best part of each day. It was tough getting through an hour or two without a phone call or a text or an email about our house.

So during the week on the insurance front there was:

  1. No return phone call from our insurance agent.
  2. An insurance adjuster called and said that our Gold Star (that’s their name for it) policy would only cover $5,000 dollars of damage.
  3. We were told that if we found evidence of a broken valve somewhere we could file a separate claim for more coverage, but at that point the insurance company would drop us.
  4. The insurance adjuster told us that we should stop trying to contact our agent because she would not be returning our calls.
  5. That is when I decided that when this is over I shall be writing a scathing letter to our agent and the president of the company telling them what I think of their so-called customer service. They won’t be winning me back with a mass produced Happy Thanksgiving Day card.

There may have been other insurance developments, but those are the ones that stick in my mind and in my craw.

On the happier side, we were able to spend a lot of time with Lee, Michelle and Wyatt. I think we celebrated Wyatt’s birthday three times that week. One of the celebrations was at a pool at our timeshare. At that rate, Wyatt is going to grow up to be like his Grandma Cindy who celebrates a birthmonth rather than a birthday.

One night Cindy cooked dinner at Lee and Michelle’s home. Mary brought along a bottle of wine. I didn’t know that Lancers was still available. Mary seemed to think that it was an excellent vintage. She also enjoyed Cindy’s and Michelle’s selections. Mary once again tried to prove that in vino veritas is a constant. I was glad on the drive back to the timeshare that we kept the paper towels in the car.

We usually take in at least one show when we’re in Vegas, but this time we didn’t make it. We attempted to see a play, but it was sold out. So, we went to the movies twice. First we saw Sully, in which Tom Hanks put in another fine performance. Later in the week we saw Hell or High Water. I hadn’t heard anything about that movie, but I really enjoyed it. Cindy and Lee expressed displeasure at the lack of a concrete ending, though Cindy later changed her mind. I liked the open-ended conclusion.

Mary and George left on Friday so they could get home to spend time with Mary’s son who was on leave from the army. We drove them to the airport and bid them farewell.

That’s about all I remember from Monday though Saturday of that week.