N-N-1 update

It has been around two and half months since the previous N-N-1, and I believe it is time for another. I am using this update to invite new participants. If you are unfamiliar with N-N-1 you can click on the link above to see an example. In brief, it is an opportunity to see and read what different people, in different parts of the world, are doing at the same time of day on a specific date.

For the next N-N-1, I am asking people to each take a picture at 2 p.m. (their local time) on Saturday, October 8th. They then have until 2 p.m. (again, their local time) on Saturday, October 15th to send me their photo and a short write-up about it (50 to 250 words) along with the name of their blog.

I’ll compile the photos and write-ups into a post. I’ll email the participants a link to my post which they can then reblog if they wish.

If you want to participate, email your picture and write-up to houseman@comcast.net. You can also direct any questions to that email. If you contact me in advance, I’ll send you a reminder email.

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