To Las Vegas and back 2016 – Day 6

Looking into the crater of Capulin Volcano
Looking into the crater of Capulin Volcano

We started the day in Clayton, New Mexico by having the free continental breakfast at the motel. Big deal. occasionally one of these breakfasts will take into account the fact that some of us need to stay sugar-free, and by extension low on carbohydrate intake. But even when they have a slightly extended menu, you can only stomach just so many scrambled eggs and pieces of sausage. I am not an easy person to please.

From Clayton we drove north and west to the Capulin Volcano National Monument. Since Cindy had previously purchased a senior citizen pass to national parks, monuments, etc., our admission was free. When we stopped at the visitor center we found that this was also a popular site for bird watching. From the top of the mountain you can see the vast field of volcanoes. I’m told that there are at least one hundred other volcanoes visible from the Capulin Volcano. I didn’t attempt to count them. I hadn’t realized that there was so much volcanic activity in New Mexico’s past.

This volcano was another place where Cindy insisted on driving. If she is not in control of the car while in mountainous terrain, she panics. Now, I’m not crazy about riding with her when she drives in the mountains either, but I don’t argue with her. Come to think about it, I’m not crazy about riding in the car with her in city traffic either. It is probably an age thing on my part…I’m eager to stay alive a few more years. But, what can you do.

As we were driving down from the summit we received a call from Trina, who told us that she had taken another plumber to our house to get a second opinion on the situation with our pipes. He concurred in part with the first plumber, though he didn’t think the indoor piping was in as dire a need of replacement. Since we hadn’t yet received the estimate for the needed work from the first plumber, we decided that this newer plumber could go ahead and do the work. It would be done the following week. Things were looking up.

From Capulin Volcano we continued west. Near Raton, New Mexico we drove past the NRA Whittington Center. Given our feelings about gun use in our country, we decided to keep driving rather than stop and visit the friendly gift shop. We didn’t feel that any of our friends needed an AK-47. We’re funny that way.

As we drove further west we passed land upon which cattle were grazing. Along with the cattle were more animals that I was unable to photograph. They were at a distance, but I believed they were antelope and Cindy agreed. Upon reflection, however, I think they might have been mule deer. I’m just not sure.

So we continued on until we stopped in Chama, New Mexico to spend the night. And other than the beauty of the area, I don’t recall anything of significance about Chama.