To Las Vegas and back 2016 – Day 4

Got lost, found this
Got lost, found this

The next morning we got up, packed the car, and had another continental breakfast with the motel owner/manager. Once again she complained about her workload and the help she had. After listening to her awhile it seemed clear why she couldn’t get and keep good help. She only trusted herself to do things the right way. Cindy once again commiserated with her, and went so far as to say that she and her business partners might come to a conference in Eureka Springs in the spring of 2017. She told her that if they came, they would stay at her motel.

We finished our breakfast, got in the car, and after getting slightly lost on a back road, we drove into Oklahoma. After looking at the map we decided to head to Claremore and visit the Will Rogers Memorial Museum. Cindy and I both loved it. We also both learned new things about him. I didn’t know that he had worked as a cowboy in other countries. We were both impressed with his roping skills. We ended up spending a couple of hours in the memorial museum. It is a memorial as well as a museum because Rogers, his wife, and his children are interred there. We ate a simple lunch from our cooler while sitting in our car in the parking lot. Then it was back on the road.

While we were driving though Oklahoma I saw the first of many animals for which I couldn’t get a picture, a coyote. I knew it was a coyote because there is at least one that lives in Lafayette, and I have seen it a number of times. Still, I would have enjoyed getting a photo of this one.

We stopped to spend the night in Stillwater, OK. We had driven to the west side of town to find a motel, and then turned around and drove back to the east side of town to find a restaurant for dinner. Well, we got to see the east/west axis of Stillwater.

We had stopped early that day so that we could get a room and eat dinner before we settled in to watch the Trump/Clinton town halls. All I will say about the broadcast is that questions were left unanswered, credulity was taxed, and we were both dissatisfied. I’m sure that you drew your own conclusions. We watched some more TV and then drifted off to slumberland in order to be rested for the following day.

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