To Las Vegas and back 2016 – Day 3

On a backroad near Eureka Springs
On a back road near Eureka Springs

We slept well and woke up later than usual. We went to the motel office to partake of the free continental breakfast. The breakfast wasn’t bad compared to some others we have encountered over the years. Cindy made friends with the motel owner who came in to talk while we ate. Rather she complained about how hard she had to work and the incompetence of the few employees who worked there.  What a cheerful start to the day this was. Cindy commiserated with the owner and they traded business cards.

We went back to the room where Cindy proceeded to take out her laptop and started working on things for her business. Wait. Isn’t this supposed to be a vacation? Well, Cindy felt the need to get some work done for her business, and I wasn’t about to argue with her. We made plans to go to the downtown area of Eureka Springs that afternoon to check out the shops and perhaps do some shopping. Believe it; I’m a man and I like to shop…occasionaly.

I took the car and went searching for pictures to take. I took a few, but there was a lot of traffic even on the back roads, so I was limited. I really like this photo because I think it is a picture of a disappearing part of America. Or maybe that’s just the codger in me talking.

That afternoon I tore Cindy away from work long enough to take a guided tour of Eureka Springs’ Downtown and Underground. The underground was mainly in building basements with opportunities to duck our heads into a couple of the tunnels that used to be used by organized crime figures in the 1920’s and 1930’s. We learned that Main Street was also known as Mud Street for many years because the unpaved street were muddy from all of the spring water that ran down and covered them. The town has actually been built up several feet so that what used to be street level rooms in the buildings are now basements. It was so hot on the tour that my shirt was soaked

This is a town that I love. It is filled with Victorian architecture and has a diverse population filled with a variety of people. One of the people we met is a woman who manages a store filled with erotic lingerie and adult toys. She is a devout woman who sprinkles her talk with references to blessings and prayer. And before you say anything, I wasn’t aware of the type of store it was before we entered. Cindy, however, had met the woman many years ago and they have a mutual friend.

It was so hot that day that my shirt was soaked with sweat before the tour was finished. The heat kept Cindy from wanting to do any more exploring of the downtown, so we left. We went back to the motel where I changed my shirt, and then went out to eat dinner at a little place where fried chicken and fish were the main selections. They also had a variety of stir fry selections and I chose the yellow curry stir fry. Very good. We returned to our room, watched a little TV and had a good night’s sleep.