To Las Vegas and back 2016 – Day 1

Huckleberry's Pub
Huckleberry’s Pub

We planned on leaving on our road trip to Las Vegas earlier in the day, but got delayed. We were waiting for our house guest (don’t ask) to finish her shower before we left. That’s when I started hearing gurgling in the kitchen sink. That was unexpected. I went into the downstairs bathroom where the sound was louder. Stranger and stranger.

I flushed the toilet; I’m not sure why, and it flowed over onto the floor. That was unexpected. I was able to stop the water flow, but not before it started going through the floor boards and into the basement. That was really unexpected.

I called our plumber but he is semi-retired and no longer works weekends. When I described our dilemma he recommended another plumbing company that would make house calls on Sunday mornings. I made the call to the other company and they told me that they would send a man and that he would charge from the time he arrived. They told me what the charge for the call and the hourly rate would be and I agreed. Did I have a choice? Cindy fled the scene with our house guest to meet friends for breakfast while I waited for the plumber. By that time we had decided to put off leaving until the following day,

After about thirty minutes the plumber called to say he would be there in 25 to 30 minutes. He arrived, pulled the toilet and ran a rootor into the pipes. He thought that there was a partial blockage. He posited that as long as there was only Cindy and I using the plumbing there was no problem, but if we had guests as we had the previous evening (card party) it could cause problems. He said he would email an estimate for the needed work by the end of the week. Then he charged us from the time he called me rather than the time he arrived. I said that I was told that he would only charge from the time he arrived. He said that he would get into trouble with his boss if he did that, but he didn’t charge me for the use of the rooter. He said to go easy on the water usage until the work was done.

I sent a text to Cindy and advised her to come home so that we could leave rather than wait another day. There was nothing that could be done in the way of repairs until we got the estimate and authorized work. We were going to be gone, so it wasn’t extremely urgent.

Cindy came home; we packed the car; she told our house guest to minimize her water usage before she left on Monday (please don’t ask); and we left. In case you are wondering, I had gone to Wal-Mart and had a key to our front door cut for the house guest. It joined at least a half-dozen other keys that Cindy has passed out to friends and family over the years. Our casa is their casa.

We drove south in Indiana and then turned west and drove into Illinois. We stayed off of the Interstate highway system as much as possible and spent the night in Cairo, Illinois. We were lucky to get a motel room due to a reunion and a funeral…I don’t know if they were a combined event. I asked the desk clerk if there were any good nearby restaurants. The clerk told me that they could only think of one restaurant, Huckleberry’s Pub,  in the area that would be open on a Sunday evening, and it was about eight miles north of town.

On the way to the restaurant Cindy got a panicky text message from our house guest. She couldn’t get her house key to work and she needed to get into the house to get to her medications and to use the bathroom…”REMEMBER TO MINIMIZE WATER USAGE,” thought I. Cindy texted back the phone numbers of Trina and Jill who both had keys, and told our house guest to call them. Meanwhile I sent a text to Jill advising her to expect a call (she doesn’t always answer her phone). A few minutes later Cindy got another text from the house guest stating that neither Trina nor Jill answered the phone, so she left voice mail messages. Meanwhile, Cindy and I were asking ourselves if she expected us to drive back to let her in. Cindy got on the telephone to Marilyn, another holder of the key, and asked her to drive to our house to let the house guest in. Marilyn, of course, said she would drive over. Cindy texted the house guest to let her know that Marilyn was on the way. The house guest sent back that she was driving to the nearest convenience store to use their bathroom. Cindy told Marilyn that the house guest might not be at our house when she arrived, but to just unlock the door and leave. Finally the house guest sent a text saying that she was in the house, and was leaving to stay at the home of another person.

We arrived at Huckleberry’s Pub, ate a very good meal, and went back to our motel. It was the end of the first exciting day of our vacation.

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