The grizzled look

As you can see from this picture, I am not currently clean-shaven. It has been two and a half or three weeks since I last shaved. The other day, out of nowhere, Cindy said, “I don’t mind if you grow a beard.

That doesn’t surprise me, because I had a full beard when we got married, and she stayed with me through the twenty years that I kept it. She actually liked my beard, which is more than I can say for my parents. When I first grew my original beard I had black hair with the exception of a couple of gray patches on either side. By the time that I shaved it off it was totally gray…one might even say white.

Anyway, when Cindy gave me permission to grow a new beard I told her that I didn’t necessarily want to grow a beard. It was just that I didn’t feel like shaving. For me, shaving is a hassle. If you spend any time with me you must know that I never look truly clean-shaven. Even on days when I shave, I know that I don’t do a great job. Part of the trouble is due to the macro degeneration in my left eye. I can’t get a clear look at the left side of my face in the mirror. Yes, I rub my hand over that side of my face, but parts of it always feel hairy even when it looks smooth.

My face is now hairy enough that I have to decide whether to shave, or whether to let it grow out and try to keep it trimmed. If I let it go, I’ll soon once again start resembling George “Gabby” Hayes.

What do you think? Shall I shave or not? You can leave a comment for all of the world to see, or you can use the form below to let me know privately. In either case, let me know soon. A decision must be made. Thanks.