Saturday movie #16

The Presidio
The Presidio

On Saturday I went back and re-watched one of my favorite mystery movies from the 1980’s, “The Presidio” starring Sean Connery, Mark Harmon, Meg Ryan and Jack Warden. The movie wasn’t universally loved, but I like it.

A murder on the U.S. Army base, The Presidio, brings together the base Provost Marshall, played by Sean Connery and a San Francisco detective played by Mark Harmon. Connery’s character had been the commanding officer of Harmon’s character, and when Harmon left the military they parted on bad terms. Meg Ryan played Connery’s daughter who became romantically┬áinvolved with Harmon’s character. Jack Warden played Connery’s best friend, a retired Sgt. Major.

Sean Connery plays…well…Sean Connery. He has an excellent fight scene, though he doesn’t quite keep his word to his opponent. He comes close. Mark Harmon is much younger, of course, than his character on the TV show NCIS. He also shows a lot more emotion. I think that this was the first movie in which I saw Meg Ryan. That’s because I have never watched the movie “Top Gun.” I know that is hard to believe, but so far I have been able to insulate myself from that particular Tom Cruise movie. Of course, Jack Warden puts in his normal yeoman-like performance.

It occurs to me that the only negative comment I have received directly from a reader was in response to a comment I made about Meg Ryan a few years ago. I have learned my lesson to never say anything that might upset one of her fans. If it helps, I am one of her fans. So please take the next paragraph as pure befuddlement on my part.

I don’t know if it was the editing, but I felt like I was missing scenes in the movie. I may need to buy a copy of the movie to see if I’m truly missing something. Also, it seemed like Meg Ryan’s character was all over the lot emotionally. I didn’t understand what her motivation was for some of her actions. But I still enjoy the movie, so if you get a chance, watch it. Oh! And they solve the murder.