Saturday movie #15

Ocean's Eleven
Ocean’s Eleven

I wanted to watch the original “Ocean’s Eleven” that starred Frank Sinatra and other members of the Rat Pack. Though it was titled “Ocean’s 11,” using the digits rather than the word. I wasn’t able to see it because I don’t own it and our library doesn’t have a copy. I hadn’t seen that version in years, and I guess I won’t be watching it any time soon. More’s the pity.

Still, I have to admit a fondness for the updated Ocean’s movie. The fact that I am a  fan of George Clooney, Matt Damon and Don Cheadle has very little to do with it, except that they drew me in to see the film in the first place. It has a well written script, a fine director, and the ensemble cast works well together.

And it is a caper film! Or is it a con film? Or is it a heist film? Is there a difference? Those are good questions, and I don’t know the answers. I just know that I love caper/con/heist movies. Any time there are unforseen twists in the plot, I like it. If humor is involved, I like it even more. And happy endings are always good. “Ocean’s Eleven” has all of those elements.

Now I just have to find time to watch “Ocean’s Twelve” and “Ocean’s Thirteen.”

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