Saturday movie#14

The Net
The Net

Saturday I watched “The Net” starring Sandra Bullock and Jeremy Northam. Dennis Miller also had a significant role. The movie was released in 1995. The DVD was released in 1997.

I suppose you could call this movie a cyber-thriller, though I prefer just plain ┬áthriller. I’m funny that way. The film has been lauded as one of the first movies to point out the dangers of using the Internet for identity theft, and other things scary. It was well done. I thought that it was more realistic than “Hackers” which was also released in 1995. That movie starred Angelina Jolie and Johnny Lee Miller. Miller, of course, now stars as Sherlock Holmes in “Elementary.”

A lot of the computer graphics seem lame by today’s standards, but it was the 1990’s. Things have changed so much, so quickly,since then. For instance, it seems jarring to me to see them using dial-up modems. I don’t know if they were using 14.4 kbit/s or 28.8 kbit/s. I do remember how excited I was when I switched to the 28.8, and later to the 33.6. They are also using 3.5″ floppy discs in the movie. And yet, as out of date as the technology is in the movie, I love it. I think that I┬álove it because it melds believable technology threats with an old-fashioned good guy/girl vs villain thriller. The fact that it gives me a nostalgic feeling also is a reason for me to love the movie.

I remember recommending this movie to a person I’ll call him Dickie because I don’t know anyone named Dickie. Dickie was about to buy his first PC. He watched the movie and dropped his plans to buy the PC for at least two years. That is the power of the media, and a well told thriller.

If, like me, you enjoy watching old movies, I highly recommend this one.