Upon awakening in the night

Barn on an early Saturday morning
Barn on an early Saturday morning

Here is another picture that I took early on April 15th. I had a choice of going downtown to take some pictures, or to drive into the country. I made the right choice.


I seldom sleep through the night, but I usually only wake up because nature is calling. Saturday night, or rather early Sunday morning however, was another story. Well, no. It is this story. Don’t let me confuse you more than I confuse myself.

Saturday night was a glorious night. It was warm enough to leave the windows open and to even run the ceiling fan for a bit. I fell asleep without much tossing and turning. I may even have had a smile on my face, which allowed the drool to pool on the pillow. It was good.

I woke up to the sound of a CLANG! At least I think that is what woke me up. I’m never quite sure that what I heard in these situations is real or part of a dream. I laid there, somewhat dazed, and tried to figure out if I had heard something or not. If I had heard it, what had I heard? I tried to re-imagine the sound. I think that it was an aluminum CLANG! Yes, definitely aluminum.

OK. I’ll bet that it was the aluminum extension ladder that was up against the enclosed deck on the back of the house. I had set it there the day before to get it out of the yard before I cut the grass. Why had it been laying in the yard? Cindy’s oxpecker had left it there before he took off last autumn. But that isn’t really what this post is about. I quickly decided that I had heard someone or something on the ladder. Burglars? Clumsy burglars? Or was it…oh no! I’ll bet it was a raccoon climbing up to the roof to gain access to an upstairs window so that it could break in and ravage a room. A second story raccoon so to speak.

It doesn’t make any sense, does it? No. I suppose that it doesn’t. But that is the way my mind was working around 12:30 a.m. Sunday. My mind cleared enough to realize that I wasn’t making much any sense, so I rolled over and went back to sleep. I rolled over after I got out of bed and looked out the window to make sure there were no burglars or raccoons on the deck roof.

About an hour and half later I woke up again. This time their was no sound that caused me to open my eyes. This time I smelled something. I smelled smoke. It reminded me of wood smoke, but I wasn’t sure. My gosh! Is the house on fire? I heard no smoke alarms. Perhaps there is a fire somewhere outside and the aroma of the smoke was wafting in through the open windows. I went to the window and looked out but saw no flames, saw no plume of smoke, saw no burglars or raccoons playing with matches on the deck roof. I didn’t smell any smoke coming through the window. But I could still faintly smell smoke. Maybe it was a olfactory hallucination. I’ve had those in the past, but only about food.

Once again I returned to bed. This time, however, I first went around touching walls and sniffing to determine if there was a smouldering fire in the wall. There was nothing there.

I’m glad that I don’t wake up like this every night.