Saturday movie #13

Marathon Man
Marathon Man

This past Saturday I went back to an old favorite movie, “Marathon Man” starring Dustin Hoffman, Laurence Olivier, Roy Scheider, William Devane, and Marthe Keller. This thriller, released in 1976, touches on many of the themes that catch my attention. There is conspiracy, betrayal, ┬áreally evil villains, love interest, and an underdog who is dragged into the whole thing against his will.

Anybody who watches television in these times know that the levels of violence have increased in a major way. But I have to say that much of the violence in this movie, from forty years ago, make me cringe and want to look away. In fact, I found myself walking out of the room when a particular part of the movie rolled around. I’m pretty sure my youngest granddaughter would call it boring, but it bothers me. It is, perhaps, because I am older and prefer some things left to my imagination. Or maybe I’m just a wimp with old fashioned ideas.

William Goldman wrote the screenplay from his novel of the same name. Goldman has written the screenplays of many of my favorite movies such as, “Harper,” “Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid,” “Papillion,” “The Stepford Wives,” and “All the President’s Men.” He has probably written others that are among your favorites. After all, he started writing screenplays in 1965 and is still writing them. In my opinion, he is a master of his craft. I hope he continues writing them for a long time.

I am sure that you have detected the theme that most of the movies I watch are from the 20th century. It isn’t that I don’t watch newer films, but I tend to use my Saturdays to re-watch movies that I know will please me. Some times, when I try something that I haven’t seen before, I am disappointed, that is why I usually watch something tried and true.

If you can handle the violence, I recommend “Marathon Man” highly.