A change of heart/mind

Waiting for spring
Waiting for spring

I know that spring is here, but it wasn’t when I took this picture a little over a week ago. The grass was starting to turn green, but the trees had not started to leaf then. They are now, so I hope my next post will have a more spring-like photo.


I’ve been in the mood lately to write something personal, something deep, something to make you think…but the sun came out today and all of those thoughts seemed to disappear. I still have a few notes jotted down, but I’ve forgotten the original context, so I’m not sure they make much sense. I know that I can’t write anything significant based on the notes. That won’t stop me from using them.

Here is one of my notes: The use of social media leads to a lack of empathy and true connection with people. I started to Tweet that, but… And that is the end of that note. I’m sure that when finished,  my Tweet would have been profound and re-tweeted around the world, but it is lost now. 

Anther note: Who is more deceitful? One who lies or one who hides behind layers of truth? I think that with some reworking I could probably turn that into a Chinese fortune cookie. I just need to boil it down a bit so that it would fit onto a small slip of paper. It is a matter of editing.

How about this one: I wish I could start over with work. In this case I know what brought on that note. One afternoon a few weeks ago I was taking my afternoon lie down, listening to a CD of long ago concert material from the Newport Folk Festival. My eyes were closed and I was imagining myself back when I first bought the album. I was in my late twenties or early thirties back then. The strange thing is that I wasn’t imagining myself working for the State, but rather, working in a low-paying dead-end job in a poster/music store. And I was happy. Make that HAPPY. That’s when I thought about wishing that I had gone in a different direction. I don’t plan on going back to that daydream because I’m pretty sure that thoughts about what my life would be like after the store inevitably went out of business would intrude and bring me down. I’ll just remember HAPPY.

Maybe the next time we have a few days of gloomy weather I’ll get back to writing deep stuff. Until then…

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