Two different days

Not the Taj Mahal
Not the Taj Mahal

This is another picture that I took when out scouting for photo worthy spots. You may not think this is photo worthy; it isn’t the best kept yard in the county, but on the day I took the picture, just about everything looked good to me.

Tuesday was another day similar to the day I took this picture. The bright sky and the air seemed like an early spring day, and that is always good. rather than go out looking for pictures, however, I sat at our laptop and searched for music. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, just something that was new to me. And I found it.

Have you ever listened to McKendree Spring? I must admit that I don’t remember hearing them before yesterday, but I probably did back in the 1970’s, because the group name was familiar. And it wasn’t familiar just because the group is mentioned in the Pure Prairie League song “You’re Between Me” I may not remember any of their songs, but I remember the name.

So I decided that I would download one of their albums. I ended up choosing one that was released just last year, Times Like These, When I listened to the album it seemed just right for the day. Here is the title song, You may not think that this is an appropriate song for a bright, sunny day, but it seemed right to me. I think that maybe everything I listened to Tuesday would have seemed right. It especially seems right with our current social and political landscape.

That takes us to the second day, yesterday, when I went online and downloaded another of McKendree Spring’s albums, another from more recent years, Live at the Beachland Ballroom. Wednesday was not as bright and sunny as Tuesday. The weather didn’t make me feel as happy. That’s the reason I chose another McKendree Spring album. I hoped that the music would once again work magic on my psyche. Again, I enjoyed the music, but for whatever reason, the music seemed to fit Wednesday’s weather. Here is a song from the album

If you are a fan of McKendree Spring, you are probably asking why I didn’t choose a more upbeat song from that album. Well, hey! I’m trying to make you feel what I was feeling. Still, you make a valid point. If I had chosen “Train to Dixie,” you would never have gotten my emotional base. You may still not get it. I’m just saying that you can’t strip personal emotion from music when you hear it for the first time. You may add layers to it as time passes, but the underlying emotion will always be there.

So, I have two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, with different personal feelings on those days, and two albums by the same group that will spark different emotions in me whenever I listen to them. Got it?

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