How I spent my Saturday

Everything looks good on a day like this
Everything looks good on a day like this

To me, everything looks good on a bright, sunny day when it feels like spring is almost here. Let’s ignore the fact that we have a winter weather advisory for tomorrow. Now I didn’t take this picture on Saturday, but rather it was one of a few I took Sunday morning. Let me explain why, despite my plans, I didn’t get out to do any serious picture-taking or movie watching on Saturday.

I didn’t sleep well Friday night/Saturday morning. Indeed, I woke up around 2:30 a.m. and couldn’t fall back asleep. Finally I decided to watch the end of a television show that I had recorded earlier in the week. Then I watched another. Finally I was tired enough to sleep again around 5, and as a result I ended up sleeping much later than normal. That started me behind.

My grandson Mason was swimming in the high school sectional on Saturday and I planned on attending. I was told that the meet would start at 11 a.m. and would last for two or three hours. I had planned on going out to take some pictures before the meet, but I slept so late that I decided to take pictures after the meet instead. Then I got a somewhat confounding text from Mason’s mother saying that Mason had told her the meet didn’t start until 12 noon, but the official notice she had said that it started a nine a.m. What? Knowing that Mason isn’t always a detail person, I decided to go to the site of the meet early. I always prefer to be early rather than late.

When I went to my car to leave I saw that I had one flat tire and another that was low on air. Luckily, we have a small air compressor that we use in just such emergencies. I inflated both tires and got on the road. I arrived at the high school around 10:45. Based on the paucity of cars in the parking lot I knew that the meet hadn’t started yet. So I sat in my car, listening to music and getting caught up on what people had been complaining about on Twitter.

People started arriving around 11:15, so I departed the car and entered the school. I strolled through the hallway, admiring all of the swimming and diving trophies on display. As I passed by the entrance to the pool area I heard an announcer announcing results from diving competition. Ah! That would explain the 9 a.m. start time on the official notice. Then I came across Mason and one of his friends as they were entering the building. He seemed surprised to see me. He told me that the swimming would be starting at noon.

I strolled around a bit longer and then went in to find a seat. I watched some young men who were still practicing their dives. Each of them had the same routine of wiping themselves down with a wet towel before they dived. What is that about? Then swim teams came out and started to swim warm-ups before the actual meet started. I checked the time and saw that it was 12:10. They were getting a late start.

Trina arrived and told me that the meet wasn’t going to start until 1 p.m. What? She said that we were lucky that the girl’s team meet had been the previous weekend, or that we would be there much later. Hmm.

Half way through the swimming, which seemed to be going pretty quickly, they took a break and brought out the divers whom I had been watching earlier. It seemed that they had narrowed the divers down to eight finalists earlier, and not they were having those divers do their final round. Some of the dives were good, some were not so good. I thought that some of the judges might have been dozing when I saw some of the scores they awarded, but I’m not an expert in diving. Eventually the diving ended, the scores were tallied, and the ribbons were awarded. Then pictures were taken; divers gave wet hugs to their parents and honeys; and the swimming was ready to begin again.

And so the meet continued. By the time it was completed and I had driven home (I was too tired to go in search of good picture or three) it was between 5 and 5:30. I hadn’t eaten at the meet, so I had a sandwich and planned on eating a very late dinner. Maybe now would be the time to watch a movie to write about…or to take a nap.

You might wonder why I would watch the movie now rather than later in the evening. The answer was simple, IU and Purdue were playing their only regularly scheduled basketball game of the season Saturday night, and I was not going to miss watching it on TV. I had already decided to skip having dinner with some people because they planned on dining out shortly before the game was supposed to start. That was when the original game time was supposed to be 7 p.m. They later changed the start time to 8:30 p.m. So now was the time to pick a movie to watch.

Then I got a text from Cindy, who was with the dinner group, asking me to come to the restaurant since the game had a later start. I thought it over and decided to go back out, rather than stay home and be comfortable. I drove to the restaurant, joined them, and sat drinking water while they dined. My sandwich had been filling.

That’s why I didn’t watch a movie on Saturday. Oh, and IU beat Purdue to make the evening a total success.

5 thoughts on “How I spent my Saturday

  1. Congrats on the win! I know how good that feeling is (considering my team hardly ever wins anything that counts!) I don’t know how I feel about watching kids swim though. You’re a good grandpops! And I absolutely LOVE this photo!

    1. First, i’m glad you love the photo. I have to admit that I loved every picture I took that morning. I must be ready for spring. It is snowing this morning.

      The swimming and diving isn’t bad as long as you think of it as just a few steps below the Olympics. Also, it is bearable when one of the swimmers is important to you.

      And the IU win was the delicious gravy on the meal.

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