Summer picture for a winter day

Summer picture for a winter day

I haven’t taken many pictures recently, so I went back into my files and found this one that I took last August. I like it well enough that it is not the wallpaper on my PC.


This post started out as something very different from what you are now reading. The title has changed because the original one no longer fits. You may not want the background, but I’m giving it to you anyway.

I was watching a television news/opinion (heavy on the opinion) morning show last Friday. One of the topics was how the Republican Presidential candidates were handling the issue of Donald Trump’s use of salty language. At that point the female host started making fun of one of the candidates criticism of Mr. Trump. I gave in to temptation and sent her a Tweet decrying her criticism.

I wasn’t saying that the candidate who spoke up about Mr. Trump’s churlish language wasn’t being sanctimonious; he probably was. What irritated me was that the female host evidently thought that Trump’s rude language was alright, and that people who criticized it were being childish. And I thought, “Really?”

That is when I started to write another rant about the coarsening of our society. I wrote about the lack of civility, and the increase of crude language, and I went on and on. I felt a little better when I finished, but not as much as I had thought I would. That’s when it occurred to me that whatever I wrote and posted about this issue would make not an iota of difference. And I realized that it was OK that it wouldn’t make a difference.

I am aware that society changes over time, and standards of decency is one of the things that change. Maybe it really is progress. I may not be happy with the changes that occur; generally older people tend to resist change. But I can live with the changes. I’ll just grumble about the changes and go on. And I’ll try to not bore you with things that I can’t change.  (Did you notice that I used the word ‘change’ in all but one of the sentences in this paragraph?)

I’m not blogging in order to tilt at windmills. Of course I wish that what I rant about will change a mind or two, but I don’t live to hear “Well done! I’m changing my ways.” I’m not that silly. No, in fact, I blog, for the most part, to entertain people who read me. I’ll try to do better and not be morose as I watch society slide into the morass of tasteless triviality. It’s progress after all. Smile!