Saturday movie #2

The Big Fix
The Big Fix

As Cindy’s friends gathered to play cards last night, I settled in to watch my Saturday night movie pick, The Big Fix, starring Richard Dreyfus and Bonnie Bedelia. This is a mystery and Dreyfus plays the Private Investigator, Moses Wine. It was released in 1978. Yes, I like older movies. You had better get used to it.

In the movie, Wine is brought in to investigate a political smear campaign, but it quickly adds in a search for missing people, a terrorist plot and a murder investigation. While the action takes place in the present, the 1970’s, there are many roots back in the politically and socially turbulent 1960’s. That is definitely my cup of tea.

There are many humorous elements in the movie. I particularly liked Wine taking his son’s on his investigations because he had custody at the time. Also his communist aunt Sonya was a real treat.

Some elements of older films can be jarring. The clothing style sensibilities of the 1970’s are always cringe-worthy to me. The fact that in this movie John Lithgow had long brown hair as well as a beard and mustache surprised me. I didn’t recognize Lithgow until I heard his voice. I guess it had been so long since I saw the movie that I forgot he was even in the cast.

I wouldn’t go so far as to classify this as a great movie, but for me it was a satisfying movie. I’ll try to not wait so long between screenings in the future.


If you are wondering why I watched this movie rather than the Republican Presidential Debate, it is simple. I knew that all of the over the top statements would be on the morning news. I also went through much of the live tweeting from the debate. I don’t think that I missed anything of value to my decision making.