Vacation photos

The view from our room
The view from our room

I finally took the time to upload pictures that I took on vacation to an album on Flickr. I took many more pictures than are in the album, but I found myself narrowing the ones that I wanted to display. The picture here isn’t one of them, though I did take it while on vacation.

We drove into Wyoming after visiting Mt. Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Monument. Neither Cindy nor I were aware that we were there on the first day of elk hunting season. It seems that people flock to the towns, book hotel and motel rooms, and use them as their base of operations for hunting. As a result, finding a motel with any vacancies was a chore. We found one finally. I opened the drapes to look at the view, and this is what I saw.

On a brighter note, the clerk in the motel told us about an excellent Mexican restaurant. I was surprised to see the number of families of hunters who were there. I had expected to see mainly men with scraggly beards, dressed in camo, drinking beer and having a good time. There were plenty of them there, but there was also a goodly number of families there as well, talking about hunting.

As far as the album in Flickr, you can find it here.

I hope that you like them.