I despair

The Black Hills, October 2015
Cray Horse Monument, October 2015

Here is a picture of the Crazy Horse Monument in South Dakota. It is not yet completed. In fact, I believe we were told that it will be decades before t is complete. There is no government funding for this monument. It is all paid for through donations.


I’m pretty sure that I have written about this before, but I have to say again that between “reality” television and social media sites such as Facebook, we have become a nation of worriers and haters. I have been thinking about this for some time now, and frankly it is depressing me. Let me briefly explain; and by briefly I mean that I won’t go into the history of how it started and where it has been. I almost started there, but didn’t want to cause a snooze fest.

When was the last time you saw a normal person on a “reality” television show? Are your friends like the Housewives or the Survivors? If so, why are they your friends? No, those people on the shows are schemers and mean-spirited people who want to be famous. And yet they and their actions are glorified every week. They give us a false sense of worth and claim that it is reality. Some people think that it is reality rather than a distorted reflection in a muddy puddle. And  having that belief they expect no better of themselves, their families, and society. It is a low bar to rise above.

We allow people on the Internet to comment, often anonymously, usually disparagingly on everything. We see this nastiness spill out almost everywhere. It is particularly bad in letters to on-line newspapers and Facebook. Why did this type of behavior become acceptable?

And now we have it in Presidential politics. In the past we had politicians who disliked each other, and told you at length why they thought so little of each other. But it seems to me that they tried to cover that dislike with a veneer of gentility. We may have known that it was not true, but putting up that facade was a decent attempt to maintain a civilized approach to life. And now civility has flown.

On top of that, they try to instill fear in our society and build upon that fear to sew intolerance. And it is all to glorify themselves and to bring power to themselves.

What does it say about our society when we raise up the crude and the hate mongers? I despair.

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