A duke’s mixture #3

The toll of the years
The toll of the years

I took this picture back in March but didn’t get around to using it until today. I am submitting the picture to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness. She will be putting together a gallery of submissions that are based on the theme “Country.” I think this fits the bill. Click on the link above to view her wonderful website.


I have a couple more idea notes on my phone that I want to clear off. The first involves my smart phone. I saw a news report a couple of weeks ago that a few states, specifically Iowa and Delaware, were running pilot programs to make your driver’s license available as an app on your smart phone. Hmm. Would I mind handing over my phone to a police officer if I was stopped? Personally I wouldn’t, but I know a number of people who would object. What do you think about it? Oh, and the reason this report seemed noteworthy to me is because the reporter, in his summation, made a reference to Max Headroom. I wonder how many people under the age of thirty-five recognized that reference? But then I also wonder how many people under the age of thirty-five watch the news.

┬áIn one news show that I was watching they did a tease for an upcoming segment. The tease was about a man who hadn’t showered in years. I didn’t stay tuned to hear about that oh so noteworthy news story, but it made me wonder and ask a couple of questions. First, what if he prefers baths? I know many people who choose baths over showers. Second, who cares if he bathes other than people who have to interact with him? Is it really newsworthy? And finally, why do television news shows think that they have to tease their audience into watching? Doesn’t that say something about the quality of the show? Just wondering.

That’s all of my duke’s mixture for now. Once I build up more short idea notes I’ll bring it back. Have a great weekend.