A duke’s mixture #2

Another view of the stream bed
Another view of the stream bed

I took this picture on the same day as the picture from my September 24th post. This is just a different view of the same stream bed.


Finally I’m ready to offer you a few small items that I thought were worth sharing, but didn’t deserve a post each to itself. These items are sitting in my phone’s notes section, and I want to clear them out. That being said:

1) I seldom use a shopping cart when I go to a big box store, because I think that they breed over buying. Plus I always know in advance the things that I want to buy. I always try to get a basket that will comfortably hold a few items. Wal-Mart, at least locally, doesn’t supply said baskets. If you want to purchase more than a handful of items, you must use a shopping cart. That is one reason that I shop at Wal-Mart as seldom as possible.

2) Sometimes I am forced to use a shopping cart, as when I am buying liquid chlorine for the swimming pool. I buy it by the case, usually two, so that I don’t have to go to the store often. I noticed that when I went to the Meijer store to buy chlorine the last time that the shopping carts had cup holders on them. This, of course, is a subtle encourager to buy something to drink as you walk through the store. Most stores now allow customers to eat produce and other products as they shop, and hope that they pay for it on their way out. If I had tried that as a child I would have been escorted from the store by my parents and discipline would have ensued. Today you see adults doing it. It is another change in our culture; we allow everyone who craves instant gratification to have their way. I see some logic in profit driven businesses doing this, but I can’t say that I am a fan. I live with it.

3) Cindy and I were shopping the other day and I noticed a mother and son having a brief argument. I would say that the son was between two and three years old. He was sitting on the floor and was clutching some item tightly; I couldn’t tell what it was. He, of course, was saying “I want it!” His mother was saying, “We’re not buying it.” I think she meant, “I’m not buying it.” The lad said again, louder, “I WANT IT!.” The mother said, “You don’t even know what it is.” The boy said, “I WANT IT. IT’S BLUE!”  It looks like another instant gratification/impulse buyer has been spawned.