Early morning musings

More work to be done
More work to be done

This is a picture that I took yesterday afternoon and put on Instagram. After all, what can be more exciting than watching paint dry? I certainly had to share it. I thought about straightening out the picture, but I kind of like the angled look. For me, it adds verisimilitude.


As you can tell, we are in the midst of painting our deck. We should have the first and second coat completed in another couple of days, if the weather holds. I find that things that I used to be able to do in a day or two are now taking three or four days. I probably can’t blame that on Daylight Savings Time, though I would like to.

While I was painting yesterday morning, a cat strolled through our back yard. I am not fond of cats. We have two birds feeders in the yard and cats are murderous animals. I had an urge to try to spatter paint from my brush onto the moving target, but settled for a curse under my breath (there are often young children in our neighbor’s yard).

For some reason the old military saying “If it moves salute it. If it doesn’t move pick it up. If you can’t pick it up paint it.” came into my mind. I wasn’t about to salute a cat, nor was I willing to pick it up unless I could chuck it over the fence. I guessed I would have to let it be.

So I was laying in bed at 3:30 this morning, thinking about the military saying, and chuckling to myself as only a person who has been in the military can. And I started thinking about how some things are humorous for what seems forever, and some things would only draw blank stares. Hmmm. Maybe I should write a post about the anatomy of a joke that young people are not likely to quite understand.

I would take as my text the joke about the person so mean that he would give a poisoned dime to a blind beggar. To truly understand that joke you would need to know that in the days of gold coinage people would often bite a coin to determine if the coin was true (soft) gold or a (hard) metal counterfeit. How many young people would have that background? Would they care?

But then my mind drifted off to something else and I dozed for about half an hour. I decided that it was alright to get out of bed at that point, and to get on the PC. In a couple of hours I’ll be back slathering on more paint.