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Maely & Emma

Here is a picture of Maely and Emma enjoying the pool in JR and Trina’s backyard. I took this a number of weeks ago, but am just now getting around to adding it to a post.


So what have I been up to lately? Not much. Hence the lack of posts. Cindy and I went to Lake Monroe over the July 4th weekend. Lake Monroe is just south of Bloomington, Indiana. God’s country, as Cindy often calls it. Of course Bloomington is the home of my alma mater, Indiana University. I love it down there. We spent time in our room at the resort, and out on the lake, and we drove around downtown Bloomington. So much has changed since I was a student there. I guess I mentioned this trip in my last post, so I’ll move on.


I’ve been thinking a lot about politics and politicians lately. If you’ve read Classical Gasbag on a regular basis you should be aware of my feelings about politicians. If you haven’t been reading, I can sum up my feelings in a few words. They are egoists with no productive outlets in their quest for power and influence.

Cindy, unfortunately, has been working for the county government for the past fifteen years. She had the ill fortune of being a strong, competent woman who did not mind letting people know how she felt about issues and some of the local politicians; sometimes too loudly. As a result, the County Commissioners slashed her budget by 65% and forced the layoff of four people, including her. It was because the County has to tighten its collective belt. But to show that there were no hard feelings, she was sent an invitation to a golf outing sponsored by three of the commissioners. Why do I feel that the whole outing, including the printing and mailing of the invitations was paid for with taxpayer dollars?

But enough about that. I have been intrigued by the races for the U.S. Presidential nominations. The fifteen or more people who are running on the Republican side of things cover a broad spectrum of political thought I think. It is hard to tell because they all claim to be conservatives, and they probably are, but they seldom state any real ideas other than everything President Obama does or thinks is wrong. That’s helpful for decision making by the voters. For instance, they all say they would repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with something better. Unfortunately none of them seems able to state what they would replace it with. It reminds me of Richard Nixon’s secret plan to end the war in Vietnam. It was so secret that it never happened while he was President.

On the Democrats side there are at least four people running for the nominations. There is the wife of  a former President running, and a Democratic Socialist, and a farrier, and a former Senator who espouses some liberal philosophy and some conservative philosophy. At least you can draw distinctions among those running. Oh, and the present Vice President may decide to run.

It is going to be fun watching it all unfold, when I’m not screaming in anger at the TV screen.

4 thoughts on “Likes and dislikes

  1. It isn’t so bad. She is out of the race with those rats. It just means that finances will be tight for a couple months until PERF kicks in. I’m glad that she’s out of it.

    1. She was the best thing that happened to the Tippecanoe County court system. Well she was probably bored with the job anyway.

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