Backs of envelopes

Morning from the balcony
Morning from the balcony

Cindy and I spent last weekend, Independence Day celebration, at Lake Monroe. This is a cropped picture that I took from the balcony of our room at sunrise on July 4th. It was a beautiful day. Heck, it was a beautiful weekend. I hope that you enjoyed the weekend as much as we did.


I have at least half a dozen notepads scattered around our office. But there never seems to be one in sight when I want to write a note. So I use the backs of envelopes that contain the bills that we’re sent. Or sometimes the envelopes hold information about hearing aids or assisted living communities. I’ll take one of those envelopes and write notes to myself and then set them aside. Weeks or months later I’ll come across the envelope, look at the note, and wonder what in the world I was trying to tell myself.

Yesterday I was doing some straightening and came across some of these envelopes. Here are a few examples.

I have Pin: 10122871  There is nothing else. I haven’t a clue to what this is a PIN. I can only guess that it isn’t important…Yet.

I have this note Govern. by crisis?  That is probably a note for a blog post topic that I never got around to writing. The chances are that I’ll never write it because I don’t remember what spurred the note.

There is the very cryptic Putative father registry What? Why would I be interested in such a registry? If the note weren’t in my handwriting I would swear that someone else wrote it.

Finally there is this mysterious list  Nepal 1983, Chile 1984, Oman 1985, Romania 1986, Comoros 1987, Samoa 1988, Algeria 1989  It’s like something you would find in a mystery or a spy novel. I’m going to keep that list. Maybe it will come in handy if I participate in NaNoWriMo this year.

If you’re wondering, none of those envelopes contained bills, so I didn’t miss paying anything while the envelopes were shuffled to the bottom of stacks of paper. Our credit rating hasn’t suffered from my haphazard note writing.

2 thoughts on “Backs of envelopes

  1. It was a beautiful day, in an area that I love. While many may find my scribbles hilarious, I find then confounding. Still, I’m glad that they amused you. I live but to amuse.

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