Finally something to say


This art project is titled Maurice, in honor of Maurice Sendak. The artist is Janet Ivas. I came across Maurice at the library in downtown Lafayette. It is part of an arts project sponsored by the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette. There are thirty-seven different bears in downtown Lafayette and West Lafayette. There are also two lions and one tiger. In addition, there is a veritable zoo on the grounds of the Art Museum. I’ll be out taking pictures of as many as I can over this summer.


Writing about our wedding and honeymoon took a lot out of my creative energy. Yes, I hear the laughter. Creative you say? Well, it took a lot of something out of me. I ended up writing more than I had planned, because as I was sitting at the keyboard, more memories came out.

But today I have something recent to write about. As most of my posts are, it is a simple mundane topic.

I had to take my lawn mower in for repair a little over a week ago. I’ve been taking my mowers to the same shop for a number of years. I do it for one simple reason. They are dependable. And they are reasonable. So, I guess there are two simple reasons. Make that three reasons, because I always feel good about myself when I walk into the shop. You see, their office is messier than my home office. By a factor of ten or so.

Almost every inch of desk and counter space is covered by paper or used parts. From the looks of the stacks of paper, some of it has been there for five or more years. I can only imagine that they would buy more filing cabinets if there was room. Did I mention that there is lot of stuff stacked on the floor. I have no idea how the woman who works behind the counter gets out. Perhaps she has a sleeping bag stashed back there and just stays. But she is a nice person.

When I brought my mower in she started filling out an invoice describing the problem, but she first needed to find desk space to put the form on in order to write. To do that she first picked up her can of Mountain Dew, and then she picked up her ashtray and set the can there. The ashtray went on top of a leaning stack of paperwork. The office is a fire waiting to ignite.

But I like the people there, so I’ll continue to use them. Until they are burned out.

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