Another view of the canyon

Another view of the canyon

I’m sure that many of you are looking at the title of this post and are saying, “A look back? If this is a look back, what were the previous seven or eight posts?” Yeah, I get it. Calling this The Wrap-Up, or something similar would make more sense, but I think today’s picture goes better with A Look Back. Plus Cindy hadn’t appeared in any of the other photos that I used in this series of posts.


When we got back to Lafayette, and the house where we were going to live as a family, we found the grass had been recently cut by Lee, my new step-son. It was the first time he had cut it, and if memory serves me correctly, the last time he cut it while living with us. I hadn’t cut grass for many years since I had been renting apartments in Auburn and then Lafayette. I was kind of looking forward to getting back in the habit. I had been a bachelor for more than forty years; now I had a ready-made family. Maybe the honeymoon had served as a cushion to help us rest before jumping into a new lifestyle.

We came back with a load of memories. Many of them still come up in conversation with friends, especially stories about Dallas, Ciudad Juarez, and Paige. Cindy and I can laugh about them now. I’m sure that over the years some of the stories have become embellished. And it has been so long since the actual events that we believe some of the embellishments. Cindy had visited some of the same places with her previous husband, and would comment on those visits. I remember saying at one point, after hearing one of those stories, that this trip was for us to make our own memories, not go over old ones. Maybe the honeymoon was a method of giving us happy memories that we can share through the years.

But I think that the most valuable thing that we got from the honeymoon was the opportunity to learn about each other on a different level. Two weeks together in an automobile can either solidify a friendship or utterly destroy it. After that first night’s rocky start, we learned to adapt and our friendship and love just got stronger. In my mind, that’s what the honeymoon was for.

As for Cindy, she would probably say that the biggest thing she got from the honeymoon was to never follow a man on a bicycle.

So to those of you who said that our marriage wouldn’t last…you might want to re-think that idea. It’s twenty-five and counting.