It isn't greener!

It isn’t greener!

Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness has a theme this week, Fences. In the past few weeks I have taken many pictures of fences to prepare for submission. In each case the picture turned out to be blurred, better in color, or just plain boring. Boring, as in “just plain.” I finally took this picture yesterday with my cell phone. It isn’t a great picture, but it is better than anything else that I came up with. Plus, I like the broken board and the shadows. Leanne will be offering a gallery of monochrome images from all over the world on Wednesday in Australia, Tuesday in the U.S. You should check it out.


This is not the post that I planned for today. Rather, this is a post about what I have been struggling to write. I won’t tell you what sparked my initial idea because I haven’t given up on it entirely.

The idea for what I wanted to write came to me in the middle of last week. I had a clear starting point and end point. It was just the middle that was murky. So I started by jotting down some ideas of what I wanted to include. Unfortunately I decided to leave it there and to start the draft the following day. Bad idea.

That night I had a strange dream and decided that I needed to write about it before the details slipped away. I was happy with the dream post and knew that I had my notes for my more important post, so I was content to let it slide another day. In fact, when I gave it some thought I realized that my final point was petty and that I needed to make drastic changes. So I jotted down different notes for the middle and the end, and left it for the following day.

I got up the next day and did some outdoor chores because the weather was so nice. That afternoon I settled down at the keyboard to knock out a first draft for the post. I wanted to keep my starting point and that part came easy. But then when I started on the middle section, my mind and fingers took control and veered away from my plan and started a unnecessary rant. What? Where did that come from, and why? I clearly needed to give more thought to this subject, so I put the draft away for another day.

I worked on the draft the following day. I could not come up with a way to make it work. Every time I started to write the focus became unclear because there were so many different ways to take the post. I considered breaking the post in two and publish on consecutive days. I wondered if I could do an Alexandrian Quartet number and write about the same event from different points of view, with different reactions. Maybe I should just scrap the whole idea.

Then I caught a break because my granddaughter’s dance recital happened and I was able to write about it yesterday. The thought of working on the other draft just made my brain fuzzy, so I didn’t work on it at all. This morning I knew that I couldn’t even cobble together a good draft, let alone a finished product.

Well, I haven’t given up on the idea(s) entirely, but I am not close to being ready to publish. Does anyone else have similar problems writing posts? Am I the only one who is so self-absorbed that I agonize over it in writing?