O it’s another dream

Roadside beauty
Roadside beauty

I took this picture while out in the country a couple of days ago. I wanted everyone to know that the signs of spring have finally come to Indiana. We are even expecting the temperatures to reach into the upper 70’s F later this week. It is good.


I was complaining to a friend the other day that I was finding no inspiration for blog posts lately. Then I had the dream that I wrote about on Sunday. Since then I came up with an idea for another post, and I’m working on the draft for it. I also had another dream. I seldom have more than one dream that I remember in such a short time. Unlike the Sunday dream, that I could explain; I have no idea if this dream has any meaning. If you can come up with an explanation, please let me know.

At the beginning of the dream I see myself walking through the corridors of a local college. I notice a young man walking in the other direction. He is wearing a cream colored shirt and pants, and is wearing sandals. I am there to sign up for a continuing education class. I am not sure if the class is a literature class, or philosophy, or symbology.

As I’m finishing the enrollment paperwork, the woman behind the counter tells me that the class has already met once, and will be meeting again in ten minutes. She gives me directions to the classroom, and I set off without any books, or notebooks, or anything to write with.

Now the dream starts getting really strange. As I enter the classroom, it turns into an adobe building with no furniture. All of the students are seated on the ground which is sandy. The instructor is the young man I had noticed in the corridor. He told me to have a seat; so I lowe myself to the sand. A student next to me was kind enough to lend me a pencil and a sheet of paper. As I looked up at the instructor I saw that tattoos were starting to appear on his neck and around his jaw line.

He was speaking so softly that I could not understand a word that he was saying. He turned around to speak to a student seated behind him, and when he turned back, the outline of a geometric tattoo had appeared on his face.

As he was finishing his lecture, which I hadn’t heard a word of, the fellow who had loaned me the pencil and paper leaned in and said, “Watch out for your shoes; he tends to walk off with them.” I looked at my feet and was amazed to see that my shoes were not on my feet. I looked at the instructor who was exiting the adobe building. He was wearing my shoes and was walking swiftly between two sand dunes, carrying his sandals.

That is when I woke up. Any ideas on what it means?