Shallow musings on art

Barn with a green roof
Barn with a green roof

As you can probably tell, I took this picture before the trees started to leaf. One reason that I chose to use it is because of the clear blue sky in the picture. Today it has been raining all day and the picture is cheery. The other reason I chose it is because I haven’t had much luck in finding and taking a pictures lately. You could say that I have been in a slump word-wise and picture-wise. I hope that changes soon.


I spelled art in lower-case in the title so that no one thought that I was writing about anyone named Arthur. I’ve known a few Arts in my life, and while I’ve mused about one of them, I won’t be doing any public musing about him in this post. No, this post contains musings about people who create artistic things.

I guess that the morning news show that I was watching today had moved into a particularly dull period when from out of the blue this thought occurred to me. “Can art be created if the creator never thinks about art?” I am not posing a tree-alone-in-a-forest type of question. I’m not that clever. Rather I am asking a question that I take seriously. I know that when I try to do something artistic, usually in the realms of writing or photography, I put some thought into it before I start.

I suppose another way of stating the question is “Can art ever be accidental?” I know that an artistic outcome can be different from the original intent; but I believe that there had to be some basic thought before starting down road that led to the outcome. Does that make sense, or am I making it more confusing?

If I am correct that there had to be thought first, all of the painting done by elephants, apes, cats and other animals do not qualify as art. If you believe that animals, other than dolphins,  are capable of lucid thought, then you might consider their daubings and spatters art. I don’t.

What do you think? Feel free to comment or to send me a private comment through the form below.

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