Rainy Day

Gray rainy day
Gray rainy day

For the most part this has been a dismal day when it comes to weather. I had to go out for a short shopping expedition this morning. When I pulled into a parking lot I decided to take a picture through the windshield to record just how bad it was. The location didn’t offer any cheer either. I decided to grayscale the picture and use it. Nothing has been lost by removing the small amount of color.

I’m submitting this picture to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness this week. I suppose I’m doing it to show people around the world just how depressing it can be in Indiana. Sigh. Remember to check out all of the lovely photos featured there. You can ignore this one.


It isn’t easy finding something cheery to write about on a day like this. In fact, finding any theme at all is difficult. Let me look through my notes…

Here is an idea about the multi-verse that I may expand on at some point. First I need to come up with the language to make it understandable. What if all of the stories in historical fiction were actually windows into other realities? For instance, all of the stories about World War II were reality in other dimensions. Perhaps there could even be overlap with The Dirty Dozen and From Here To Eternity being real history in another space/timeline. World War II would be a multi-universal nexus where all of these stories intersect. So I admit that this idea came to me the other morning while I was still in bed and hadn’t had my first cup of coffee. I think that Fritz Leiber could have taken this idea and run with it.

OK, something else. The other day on some newsy type TV show I heard a U.S. Congressman use the phrase, “thoughtful debate in Congress.” That one brought a smile to my lips. I was amazed that the moderator and panel members were able to suppress laughs.

I also heard a woman who was being interviewed for a news story say something about, “God proved to be faithful to us.” I guess that I always believed that it was supposed to be the other way around. But I haven’t been to church in a long time, so I may have misremembered the concept.

I hope that you’ve had a cheerier day.

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